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Waaree has been always working to deliver better products and technology, to maximize value to customer and this will continue.

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In Conversation with Mr. Sunil Rathi  Director Sales & Marketing Waaree Energies Ltd

Waaree is a global leader in the solar industry. Could you please tell us about your current business presence in India?

Waaree has been always working to deliver better products and technology, to maximize value to customer and this will continue. We have already launched innovative technologies like Merlin, Floating solar, and 5BB modules. With a vision to make solar affordable and accessible to all we are setting up Waaree solar energy centres across the country. With over 150 centres across the country, we are committed to meet ever increasing demand of solar solutions. We are expanding our Module Manufacturing Line to provide one point solution with various other components like Inverters, structure, data monitoring and management delivering value and one stop solar solution to customer.

Tell us more about the latest innovations in your product and solution offerings for the Indian market.

We have already launched one of the most innovative technologies in solar modules - Merlin solar module. Merlin modules have their own unique strengths which is its flexibility and rugged nature. It is a technology that mitigates hot spots or micro cracks all the while generating more power while giving an application advantage. Currently we are executing few orders in India, including Indian railways, where we are implementing Merlin on the rail coach rooftops. A lot of e-rickshaws are now coming with Merlin solar panels which have empirically shown dramatic increase in range of the e-rickshaw while also increasing the life of the battery. It is next generation technology and we expect more demand in future. We have started manufacturing a small capacity of 20 MW this year and soon we will have big capacity in India.

With a growing competition from Indian as well as global companies, is there sufficient demand in India to match the supply?
India has better average solar irradiation than many of the countries that are leaders in the PV domain. India is blessed with good weather and sunshine. On an average, there are more than 300 + sunny days in a year in India. This offers a unique opportunity to the solar industry to grow in the country. Considering the ever increasing demand-and-supply gap in the energy field, solar energy is going to play a major role in addressing shortages in the energy sector. With current Govt ambitious target and favorable policies, the demand for solar panels shall be ever increasing.

Please could you shed some light on your plans for India over the next 12 months.

This year our manufacturing will be a minimum of 1.2 GW and a maximum of up to 1.7 GW. In the past four years, we have spent a substantial amount on R&D. We want to lead the sector and that is only possible by investing in cutting-edge technology in order to develop high-quality products. We are also setting up an inverter manufacturing unit in India.

Rest reviewing on India’s Govt. target Reaching 100 GW by 2022 is very much possible not because there have been policy changes but because it is a financially viable option. We think a lot of investment is coming in rooftop which is yet to be picked up. We will see a boom in residential, commercial as well as institutional solar in near future.

Quality, Costs and Performance are key concern areas for Indian project developers. How would you like to address these issues for your offerings in India?

We think our strengths are PDQ -- Price, Delivery on time and Quality. In Europe, it stands for Pretty Damn Quick. PDQ is something, which we believe and implement. We spend a lot on engineering, R&D, innovation and getting into new business. Waaree is not just a service provider or product supplier; we are a complete solution provider. We treat our customers as our partners. It is never a transactional deal but always a long-term relationship.




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