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We are enroute for a strong market positioning PV string solar Inverters in India with a target to go in local manufacturing

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In Conversation with Mr. Vasan Ramasubramaniyam, Managing Director & CEO, Prettl India Pvt Ltd

1)      Let’s begin with a glimpse of your company’s presence and offerings in India?

Prettl India Pvt Ltd is 100% subsidiary of PRETTL , GmbH .. As visionary , Mr Rolf Prettl one of the owner of Prettl family group , desires all the Prettl’s major Business verticals makes a strong foot print in India. Amongst 5 business verticals , Prettl Automotive , Prettl Energy and Prettl Plastic Appliance system share around 30 % each of the total business global turnover of 1 Bn Euro. We are enroute for a strong market positioning PV string solar Inverters in India with a target to go in local manufacturing ,in support of “ Make in India “ policy of GOI.

2)       What have been some of the recent developments at your organisation?

Last year, July 2016, REFU Sol re-entered Indian market, after a lapse of around half year – We made presence of our reentry, with our participation in the REI 2016. This was well received by many clients We did this participation again 2017. Of the supplies of REFU sol till date we have a positive feedback on acceptance from major EPCs and the end customers. We thank all our clients for patronizing REFU Sol .

With positive feedback and scope for improving our inverters in the performance we have launched  new generation Inverters , In order to bring more flexibility for the System designers with our new generation Inverters and bring a lower TCO , we have brought is some features– resulting in a centralized concept from the current decentralized version

3)       Tell us a bit about the recent technology advancements in your sector?

We have patented many of the technologies which give us the niche in the market. WE are developing a container solutions for string inverter which should be in the market in the months to come which will reduce opex cost in comparison with other inverter manufacturers system/ layouts

Our Inverters are patented with the unique product features such as ultra, Eta 5 level topologies, Convectional cool without external fan, compact string inverter design along with Refu Log monitoring system. Our inverters have won awards on its performance from a well - known photon labs at global level

4)       What are your growth plans for the Indian market? What are the milestones you wish to achieve by the end of this fiscal?

Considering the market potentials and its competitiveness, we are in a process of analysing for Local manufacturing the string Inverters. Though the GOI target of 100 GW by 2020 is challenging, but it gives lot of opportunity for many EPC players to enhance their ability to try out many models of Inverters which can optimize a higher energy yield. Refusol will be one of the keen contender in this scenario.

5)       What have been the latest trends in demand for your products & services in India? Where do you see the next demand growth coming from?

We are enroute for a strong market positioning PV string solar Inverters in India with a target to go in local manufacturing ,in support of “ Make in India “ policy of GOI.

We have already a strong foot hold in Automotive electronics , with a manufacturing plant in Pune . Also we have around 12 strong R&D engineers on the energy business in India who supports Prettl Energy globally for new product development.

6)       Anything else you would like to add for our readers.

As mentioned above, we are analyzing a business case for local manufacturing. With post GST, we see better economics than pre GST era. As known we have robust European technology However, the concern will be on dumping of goods from those countries where the custom duties are nil or low in comparison with the parts/ sub-assemblies that are needed to assembly & testing locally. Therefore it is paramount important that anti-dumping duty is levied & governed effectively.

The reduction seen in the unit rate of power generation through solar is dramatically reducing and its giving rise to big challenge to meet the new target  levels. Before any the targets are revised it’s a paramount important that complete chain of solar manufacturing parts/ components are looked with full picture and its impact , so that the sustenance of such of manufacturers/ importers are improving,.




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