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At SOVA SOLAR, we are always passionate about bringing the best to our customers.

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1) Sova Solar are a global leader in the solar industry. Could you please tell us about your current business presence in India?.

Thanks very much for your appreciation. SOVA SOLAR has been and is continuously striving towards excellence, to bring to our customers best in class products at a competitive price to give them the edge in the market. We are grateful to all of our customers for their support through the years which have helped us grow rapidly in the last few years. Now we are present in all the major markets in India and we are getting patronage from customers from Kashmir in the north to Thiruvananthapuram in the south and from Gujrat in the west to Nagaland in the east. We are having our offices and warehouses in seven points all over India for catering to the local demands.

2) Tell us more about the latest innovations in your product and solution offerings for the Indian market.

At SOVA SOLAR, we are always passionate about bringing the best to our customers. For this we have tied up with IIT-Kgp for technical support and our R&D team is carrying out extensive tests to increase the yield. We have achieved ZERO conversion losses at commercial scale production level. We are bringing to the market Mono-PERC and HJT Modules. We have also developed a portfolio for coloured modules for BIPV applications.

3) What exciting opportunities do you see in the Indian and global markets?

India has always been the land of opportunities, and with the pro active support of the Govt. we now stand at the doorsteps of a golden future. The structural changes along with the pro renewable policy of the Govt has opened several doors for the Indian manufacturers. And as the GST operations get smoothed out the competitiveness of the Indian Industry will rise and we will be at par with Global competitors. Also the capacity expansion of the players will give major advantages of scale. Moreover, the bouyancy seen in the Chinese markets bodes well for the Indian industry, as China gets busy in domestic market, India gets the opportunity to explore new horizons such as Africa and Latin America. What excites me most is that now the Govt is envisioning power-plants of capacities of multiples of tens of GIGA WATT, and vertically integrated companies in INDIA. I believe that we Indians have the capability make the best utilisation of this opportunity and shine.

4) Please could you shed some light on your plans for India over the next 12 months.

SOVA SOLAR has been in the growth mode since inception and today it is the opportune time to accelerate on the growth trajectory and we are also gearing up for the same. As of now some major developments are under the wraps and we hope to unveil them in short while.

5) What have been some of the technology new trends in the module industry and how have you geared up for the same?

The Solar Industry is a rapidly developing field and obviously we have ensured that our investments are safe in terms of technology, and utility. Like 5 BB has come to the market and now some new exciting technologies coming us like HJT cells, wire mesh type cells etc which have the potential to revolutionize the manufacturing of Solar Modules. We are in collaboration with our technology collaborators on various issues to ensure that SOVA SOLAR remains in the fore front to serve our esteemed customers with the best in class products.




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