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Growth Opportunities in the Indian PV Market & Requirement of Indian Module Companies


Growth Opportunities in the Indian PV Market & Requirement of Indian Module Companies

DEC Rajaram Pai hirez

Rajaram Pai, Business Leader – South Asia, DuPont E&C and Photovoltaic Solutions

Recent studies conducted by leading institutes in India, like IIT Bombay, have shown higher incidences of premature degradation. This is a cause of significant concern considering the 100 GW vision and billions of dollars funding that are potentially waiting to be invested in India.

Notwithstanding the higher rates of interest and local on-ground difficulties, Indian module makers need to establish themselves as globally relevant players through proven performance and consistent quality delivery. DuPont through its extensive field studies across geographies, environments and applications has demonstrated that proven and reliable materials correlate to robust panel performance in outdoor environment.

There is a need to understand PQR (proven materials, quality and reliable manufacturing processes) and its importance in sustaining the growth momentum in India’s solar sector.

Adherence to strong manufacturing practices, field proven and reliable materials such as DuPont™ Tedlar® PVF films, the only backsheet materials that has 25+ years proven performance in the field, and DuPont™ Solamet® metallization pastes setting the pace of innovation, are key to achieving 25+ years of performance. Towards this, DuPont collaborates with industry stakeholders (Developers, EPCs, Module Makers, Financial Institutions etc.) to raise awareness and advocate about the importance and correlation of materials to power generation, system lifetimes and overall LCOE (Levelized Cost of Electricity). 

With solar installations expected to grow at CAGR of 51% over the next 5 years and India’s target of achieving 10% of its total energy mix through renewables by 2022 (IESS 2047), it is imperative to go with the proven leader in advanced photovoltaic materials. What you will get is proven power and lasting value you can count for the long term, for greater peace of mind.

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Cesar CAMPOS, Head - Business Unit Functional Foils, AGFA

India is well prepared for reaping the benefits from the country’s high insolation level and has set challenging ambitions in regard to solar PV renewable energy. The stakes are extremely high for India’s prosperity and the renewables industry must not fail to deliver on expectations.No doubt, to achieve the targets latest technology and module components will need to be implemented.

In terms of maximizing power yield, Agfa’s nextgen backsheet UNIQOAT contributes directly by offering reflectivity of over 90% - the highest reflectivity of mono-backsheet in the market. Additionally, UNIQOAT adds by-design to the reliability and durability of solar modules: its single layer structure totally eliminates the risk of delamination, a well-known risk associated with traditional multi-layer backsheet. Cost is key for solar PV’s competitiveness and again the mono-layer concept of UNIQOAT offers great potential. It is manufactured in a one-step process with specific functionality added in-line during the PET extrusion process by surface modification. The total backsheet structure consists of one single layer with one surface modified to ensure high adhesion to EVA, reflectivity and UV-blocking, while the opposite side is well armed to face the air environment. The traditional cell side and air side layers are fully integrated in the PET. 

Today, Agfa’s UNIQOAT is already a valid alternative for the traditional fluoropolymer  backsheet structures and Agfa is committed to continuously develop solutions that target more Watts per dollar- a commitment that is expressed in Agfa’s recently introduced Q-factor. For this, deep scientific insights are required not only about chemistry and polymers but about the sum of effects of the physical, chemical and electrical interactions that take place between the components of module when subject to environmental conditions. It is a complex equation that Agfa feels it is well positioned to solve.




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