Scorpius Trackers White Paper: The Solar Tracker BOOM continues despite low Module prices

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Solar tracking is the only proven and bankable technology which increases the power generation of a plant by 18-25%, thereby lowering the cost per unit of power generation (LCoE).

Scorpius Trackers, established by 2 technocrats with more than 20 years’ experience in innovation, is a pure play tracker technology company and a one stop shop of an end-to-end World class tracking solution, that comprises hardware, tracker controller and structure designs.

Scorpius aims to be the world’s premier solar tracking solutions provider, with a unique mechanical and software tracking solution, which enables users to achieve the LOWEST COST OF POWER (LCoE)

Since commencing commercial operations in 2014, Scorpius has now supplied more than 250 MW in India, Middle East, Africa, Far East and USA and has a clear visibility for FY18 of more than 500MW in India and an exponentially increasing global footprint.

With the rapid decrease in modules prices in the last year from $0.45 per Watt peak to around $0.33 per Watt peak today and with a forecast of a price below $0.29 in the coming year, the thought which crosses the mind of a IPP/EPC is “With falling module prices, will Tracker economics work out?”

To answer the above question, we reviewed the two most recent solar tenders concluded in India in light of whether tracking solution will improve the economic returns. One tender was for an EPC and the other one for a DEVELOPER. Both saw very aggressive bidding.

Both case studies take into account the below listed assumptions and both PROVE A CLEAR CASE FOR TRACKERS, even in a scenario of very low module prices (decreasing from $0.33/Wp to $0.25/Wp)



It is seen from the above case study that there is a reduction in CAPEX of a plant by Rs. 6.47 lacs per MWp for generating ONE MILLION UNITS when Trackers are used.


CASE STUDY : REWA 250 MW x 3, Rs. 2.94 per unit, LCOE Rs. 3.30 per unit

This is an interesting analysis which shows that there is a tracker benefit in all situations down to a module price of 23 cents.

In a scenario when the project IRR is lower than the industry norm (or expectation), an increase in IRR by 150 basis points by use of a mature Tracker Technology MAKES FOR A WINNING ECONOMIC CASE.

Both these illustrations and case studies will be workable ONLY IF TECHNOLOGY selection is done after rigorous due diligence so that the projected FINANCIALS transform into reality, considering a 25 year plant life and investment horizon.

A Tracker technology must comply to the below 5 main points for it TO BE SELECTED.


• Thoroughly Tested for Durability and Reliability, 25+ years

• MMS Designed based on Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel

• Bankability Certifications and Third party due diligence

• Established Track Record

Scorpius provides Tracking Solutions which comply to all the above requirements, and more.





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