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Goldi Green has always stayed ahead of the technology curve by introducing new products

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In Conversation with Mr Bharat Bhut, Director – Goldi Green Technologies Pvt Ltd

Let’s start with your company’s presence in India.

Our company, Goldi Green Technologies Pvt Ltd is based in Surat city of Gujarat state. Besides, we have our presence in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Jaipur, Kanpur, Kolkata and Pune.

What exciting opportunities do you see in the Indian and global markets?

The Indian solar industry is growing and is one of the fastest developing markets globally besides China and the US. Both international and domestic players have a lot of hopes for India.
If you take a look at the past three years of India’s track record, all major corporations that were not in the solar business before are now turning into solar outfits or branching out into solar. This shows that the market is sustainable.

What have been some of the technology new trends in the module industry and how have you geared up for the same?

With the decrease in module prices, attention has shifted to other factors like reducing the BOS costs, increasing efficiency and versatility.

Along with delivering consistency and quality with competitive pricing, Goldi Green has always stayed ahead of the technology curve by introducing new products, effectively responding to the market demand as well as customer satisfaction.

Recently we launched our new range of PV modules which will cater to the various demands in the industry for which we would like to present a brief outline.

GOLDI 5 BUS BAR PERC modules: Goldi PERC panels have a higher energy density per square foot and perform well under low-light conditions and high temperatures. Besides, 5 busbar cells offer guaranteed performance with minimal power loss due to improved temperature coefficient.

GOLDI SPLIT JUNCTION BOX modules: The Goldi Split Junction Box layout design enables for a higher energy yield while reducing heat and increasing panel reliability. Also results in reduction of cable length high fill factor & four times lower power loss in complete module.

GOLDI 1500 SYSTEM VOLTAGE modules: Goldi 5 busbar 1500 System Voltage modules lead to longer string length and thereby use fewer components as compared to conventional power plants, thus decreasing BOS costs.

GOLDI WHITE EVA & TRANSPARENT EVA GLASS TO GLASS modules: The Goldi White EVA & Transparent EVA Glass to Glass module eliminates PID due to frameless design, with no grounding required and is free of snail trails. The frameless design also reduces O&M cost due to less dust and snow accumulation.

GOLDI BI-FI modules: Goldi bi-facial modules have the advantage of producing more energy by using reflective incidental light from the rear along with light from the front of the module.

GOLDI LIGHT WEIGHT modules (2mm & 2.5mm glass): Reduced thickness of glass in Goldi Light Weight modules results in low weight of modules, very much suitable for roof tops along with eliminating need for expensive structural reinforcements. Uniform and better heat dissipation from glass results in lower temperature of module leading to higher yield.

Quality, Costs and Performance are key concern areas for Indian module manufacturers. How would you like to address these issues for your offerings in India?

All these years Goldi Green has focused on quality and consistent product delivery. Having initially worked with a small manufacturing capacity of 130MW we were serving limited customers with quality products. We later did OEM for some reputed global players which gave us exposure to international standards and requirements.

Along with pursuing manufacturing excellence, scaling up is the key to address costs. Having a 500MW manufacturing facility in place, our backend is ready and we can make bulk offerings at competitive prices.

To further have a competitive edge we also focus on dynamic pricing. Most of the contracts we sign with our customers are fixed-price contracts and we only bind ourselves on a quarter-to-quarter basis.

If cell prices escalate, then our prices go up in tandem with them or vice versa. Our clients believe in our products and hence they do not have issues. Quality and high prices do not necessarily go together. By quadrupling our manufacturing line, we are trying to bridge that gap and offer competitive prices.




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