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We have set up two very small targets for 2018: 300MW and 0 complain from Clients.

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In Conversation with Mr. Ray  Luiz Country Manager Shenzhen KSTAR New Energy Co.,Ltd  

1) Let’s begin with a glimpse of your company’s presence and offerings in India? 

KSTAR is based in Shenzhen, China. Has presence in India more than 15 days, offering UPS, solar Inverter and vehicle Charger station. KSTAR India is registered in Delhi, running office in Gurgaon since 2016. 

2) What are the different products and services you offer in the Indian market?

On inverter respect, to be frankly speaking, there will be no big difference on products, it is already a mature market. If we say the difference is only the stability to ensure the long term and stable generation performance. KSTAR offering On/Off grid inverters from 1KW to 2500KW are now more focused on commercial rooftop. We have kept sufficient stock in Gurgaon by ourselves and partners in Mumbai and Chennai to give immediate services.    

3) Being a leading manufacturer in the global PV inverter industry what makes your product offering different from others?

For every different market, we are offering different products and services. For example, central inverters are mainly installed in China, Turkey, Hybrid Inverters are mostly launched in Europe, Off-grid in African market. Indian market is a very important prospective market, here we deployed service team as much as sales division. We are ready to honor the responsible for every each inverter we installed in India. 

4) What have been the latest technology trends in solar inverter market globally & in India?

Now the conversion efficiency is as high as 99%, so, as my thinking is BOS is the trend of this technology. KSTAR has 100KW string inverters and 1500V central launched in China and some other market, will bring to India soon.

5) A brief on your growth in the past year and some milestones you wish to achieve this year.

We have set up two very small targets for 2018: 300MW and 0 complain from Clients. 

6) What have been the latest trends in demand for Solar Inverter market in India?

Where do you see the next demand growth coming from?India solar market has been keeping high-speed development in last 6 years, now almost 40GW has already launched. After quantitative, the demand must be qualitative change. The next important demand is rooftop solar. It will give much better convenience for consumer to connect to solar power. 

7)  Anything else you would like to add for our readers.

KSTAR now has already been choosed by most of the main solar player, start from 1 unit, 2units, now 1MW, 2MW. We have sufficient patience to enhance the positive sense from all the clients. To all dear SolarQuarter readers, you will never regret of choosing KSTAR as your solar inverter partner.




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