Hybrid Inverter & Storage inverter is now new concept in Solar market & SOFAR is very aggressive in upgrade Technology


What have been the latest technology trends in solar inverter market globally & in India?

There are different types of grid tied solar inverters – micro, string and central.There are different types of grid tied solar inverters – micro, string and central.

A) Micro inverter :- A micro inverter consists of a small box located on the back of or situated very close to a solar panel systems . Its role is to convert the DC electricity produced by a single solar panel. Small rating voltage system.

B) String inverters :- A string inverter is the type most commonly used in home and commercial solar power systems. It is a large-ish box that is often situated some distance away from the solar array. Depending on the size of the installation, there may be more than one string inverter present. Medium Rating voltage system.

C) Central inverter:- Central inverters are designed for applications such as large arrays installed on buildings, industrial facilities as well as field installations – they are basically just a very large string inverter. Its in high rating voltage systems.Hybrid Inverter & Storage inverter is now new concept in Solar market & SOFAR is very aggressive in upgrade Technology.

With falling tariffs & Increasing competition, are you facing significant cost-pressures?

In the market various people mindset from various industries, if they are looking technology with good reliable products then are never compromising with lowest prices and cheaper quality. We are using well known long life reliable components & upgrade new generation technology in global market. We are doing business in lesser profit with highest technology. We are facing competition related prices with local market player & another whose giving cheapest technology product but we are never comprising in products technology & well known component.

Solar project should be designed for a life of 25 years. What quality parameters should Solar inverters adhere to sustain over this period?

Mostly Inverter usually running life is nearby 10 years and if client need more warranty period then it will be provided by as per extended techno-commercial terms. But after some aging life of inverter it will give some poor generation because of using of component designed life also have some limit level. We are responsible for our products 10years or more than 10 years also as per client requirement in extension terms & if product model discontinue then after also we are responsible for providing support for systems.

What are your strategies going forward?

  • Local sales, Local Service, Local Support.
  • Inverter replacement during 7 Years Warranty Period.
  • Prompt service support available onsite & offsite. Planning to develop toll free number service very soon.We are very flexible in OEM Segment .
  • We are doing Customized OEM Business with confidential business Techno-Commercial terms with client.
  • In future planning to business in NEW ENERGY AUTOMOBILE ( Supercharger ) products & HYBRID INVERTER, STORAGE INVERTER & ON GRID string inverter development

A brief on your growth in the past year and some milestones you wish to achieve this year.

Compare to past year we are very aggressive in current year & now days market accepting our products on reliability , quality with good price terms. Our product good demand in market & we are providing onsite/offsite prompt service support . We have received good number of orders & also opened the account in well known EPC business segment, also developed business partner . We done good business in OEM sector, we are providing our systems with Client company logo, certification, warranty cards & packaging boxes.



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