Socomec Is Globally Renowned For Their Reliable And Durable Solutions With A Timeless Appeal

Socomec is known for its reliable, efficient and trustworthy products and services. Could you please share Socomec’s key highlights of the year 2018?

Socomec is globally renowned for their reliable and durable solutions with a timeless appeal, resulting in overwhelming customer interest and trust that they repose in our products. Our high performance PV switching solutions accounted for almost 3GW of new capacity addition in utility scale solar last year. Thanks to our privileged participation at REI 2018, it was made possible to have a very purposeful interaction with leading solar PV BOS players and key decision maker, as part of solar value chain. During last year, we had re strategized and proactively targeted untapped market segments, resulting in very  good growth in our core business of Power conversion as well as in Power switching. This had also been facilitated on account of a symbiotic business management across various functions and product groups within Socomec. Finally the end users also deeply appreciate the underlying value proposition of Socomec products, related both to the high quality, reliability and robustness, as well as a professional and customer friendly training | supervision and service support.

We are witnessing huge advancements in electrical sector each year. What are the new products we can expect from the company?

All our products are engineered and developed for optimal performance across wide usage profile, their key attributes being: contemporary design, user friendliness, lower energy footprint as well as connectivity. For 2019 and beyond we are already working on state of art products with emphasis on design Modularity and Operator safety. There will be new offerings for the renewable energy sector as well. Quite a few innovative products are undergoing validation trials that I wish to reiterate is quite an integral part of Socomec methodology wherein, it is the back stage efforts that are always inextricably linked to product marketing, all this to reassure our customers that we will always be at the fore front of innovations for benchmarked product quality, performance and reliability. Since beginning of last year there had been a pal[able market shift from 1000Vdc to 1500Vdc system majorly for ground mounted system. Our globally proven expertise in 1500Vdc switching domain, came in handy compensating sluggish pace of projects.

What have been some of the recent developments at your organization and what are your growth plans for the Indian market?

Current emphasis is to offer the very best of our global switching product range for AC as well as PV applications, to bring that closer to the Customer doorstep by way of indigenization
efforts, as part of make in India initiative. Clearly the market is heading toward more reliability and user friendliness, not to undermine role of a proactive service support. This is absolutely in conformity with Socomec core thinking, accordingly we are poised for sustainable growth.

Primarily on account of our Product USP and extensive pre as well as post-Sales support coupled with exceed level of interactive service support we are expanding our reach as well as quality of customer interaction. In addition, our deliverables have witnessed outright success due to emphasis on design localization. 

Whether Socomec has got a foothold in the high stakes renewable business space?

Socomec has been actively engaged in providing highly reliable PV switching solutions across a diverse usage spectrum, encompassing both ground mounted large utility installations as well as for strategic RESCO model roof top endeavors. Year after year our products and services have been appreciated and benchmarked against stiff performance standards, resulting in quite a strong presence I would infer, with a dedicated product portfolio in the Solar PV balance of plant space – both Manual On load Switching range, along with Modularized execution with Motorized as well as Trippable units. These are all available in a wide spectrum of Current ratings, from 25A through 3200A, no of poles from 2pole to 4pole and in DC voltages, 600V, 1000Vdc as well as 1500Vdc all compliant to latest IEC standards. Complimented by a plethora of user-friendly accessories, the sub system ensures compliance to the safety and performance standards that act as a benchmark for critical PV plant performance under standard as well as adverse operating conditions encountered in Roof mounted as well as Grid connected ground-based systems.

What is so unique and technologically advanced with regard to Socomec make of PV Isolators?

Socomec brand is synonymous with integrated solutions incorporating patented technology enabling exceed performance amidst extreme operating thresholds, including competent performance metrics with minimal deration characteristics. Attributes like managing to with stand onslaught of Critical current on account of our unique arc abatement concept has helped bolster our performance curve into realms of sure-footed ability traversing precipitous inclines of performance. Thanks for bringing up this important topic, so integral to the Socomec PV offering, on to the discussion table, since the very basis of our PV isolators design ( and that is patented ! ) is the unique Architecture, Design, along with the Performance testing and validation process. All this ensures a Dimensionally compact, Low watt loss, on load Isolating device that is amenable for rated performance even under adverse ambient temperature conditions. The smallest part, including the attributes of the operating handle, bear testimony to the innovative spirit and that pioneering concept behind the Socomec range of Switching products.







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