Talisay home goes solar

from the firm said yesterday.

The On-Grid Solar PV System was installed on the roof of a residential home in Ayala North Point, Talisay City.

This system utilizes the power of the sun to produce electricity, with photovoltaic cells, during daylight hours. Excess energy will be fed, and sold to Ceneco during the day via net metering, the press release said

At night, the grid-tied solar system will use the electricity from the Ceneco grid, and seamlessly switch between the two power sources, without bothering the user. This system eliminates the need for batteries, for storage, which makes these systems much more cost effective, it added.

The solar power system GreenEnergy installed in Ayala is a 1.75-kilowatt system capable of powering refrigerator, fans, aircon, washing machine, and a few appliances running during the day.

“As it is GreenEnergy's standard, all components are of superior quality. Grid-tied solar systems have numerous benefits to residential applications and to a wide range of industries, from offices, manufacturing and to even agro-industrial applications,” GreenEnergy Solutions chief technical engineer Andre De Hertogh said.

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