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Sungrow SG3125HV Turnkey Station for Utility-scale PV Plants

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SG3125HV 1500Vdc Turnkey Station

The solar industry is revolving very fast. For utility-scale plants, they are faced with many challenges, such as the declining PPA, the pressure from investment costs and more stringent demands. The new standards require solar inverters either to have a wide range ride through capability or special grid support function. Those new requirements and standard set a high threshold for the inverter. To follow the market tide, SUNGROW, as a global leading inverter solution supplier, has released its latest 3.125MW 1500Vdc turnkey station, at the World Future Energy Summit (WFES) held in Abu Dhabi this January.

Saved investment

The SG3125HV containerized solution highly integrates PV inverter power conversion together with block monitoring, an auxiliary power supply, and Night Static Var Generator (SVG) functionality in a standard 10-foot container, meaning significant savings in initial investment and future operating costs.

High yield

Thanks to the 3-level topology and smart cooling design, it reaches a peak efficiency of 99% and can work without derating at 50℃. In tropical Indian climate, having sustained power yield for PV plants in the scorching heat is essential for good project economics.

Easy O&M

With all key components such as IGBT modules, PCBs and cooling fans facing the front door and modular design makes it less time consuming for O&M. Additional function such as DC input monitoring can significantly reduce the time for troubleshooting.

Grid support

SG3125HV has an advanced voltage and frequency ride through capability. The high voltage ride through is up to 1.4 Un and it can compensate reactive power during LVRT. With the application of Sungrow SG3125HV, the customer will enjoy the high availability and get satisfied with the flexibility. The inverter also has a good reactive power capability and can inject active power with power factor 0.8.

Flexible 6.25MW or 12.5MW block design

Developed for large-scale utility plants, SG3125HV is flexible in 6.25MW or 12.5MW block design. 6.25MW solution uses two SG3125HV inverters to access three winding transformer. It can save initial transformer, cable and MV switchgear investment. A 50MW plant just needs 8 blocks.


12.5MW Solution Layout

SG3125HV is designed to bring a high ROI for utility-scale PV plant, with the application of this containerized inverter, the total system cost will be reduced due to savings on initial investment and O&M cost. Moreover, this grid support utility-interactive inverter brings more reliability to the utility and will further reduce the grid interconnection risk. With the application of SG3125HV, the solar plant will have no risk to interact with the utility and it brings much more benefit for the solar plant.




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