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SOFARSOLAR is now providing complete series of on-grid inverters in India from 1kW to 70kW. And 3kW AC Retrofitting inverters, 3kW to 5kW Hybrid inverters are also ready for Indian market.



With two offices, SOFARSOLAR service engineers can cover the whole India for after-sales services.

“Quality is the most important thing for us.” Said Mr. David, Managing Director of SOFARSOLAR. “We only offer inverters with high quality to our customers around the world.”

From day one SOFARSOLAR has put quality as the most important criteria in the design, production and daily operations. Our R&D team designed the product from bottom up. We hand-picked each component and we have drew every bit of the circuitry. Therefore we understand exactly how the device shall perform in every situation. We sourced all our electronic materials from U.S., Germany and Japan. From case to PCB, quality management goes through the whole design, production and testing process.

Die-casting housing, 4 inch diamond white-bright screen, four buttons design are used for different series of SOFAR inverters for quality cases and better appearance. All inverter cases go through anti-corrosion and anti rust protection processes, and high salt / fog environment test and a high / low temperature test.

50kW to 70kW series inverters are designed for commercial projects and utility projects. With 30% overload on DC side, 250V – 960V MPPT voltage range and 98.6% efficiency, SOFAR 50kW to 70kW inverters can output more power. Six protection functions are built in SOFAR inverters. For examples, all types of inverters support leakage current detection components and anti-reverse power controller. New designed GFCI detecting technology is used to detect short circuit caused by broken cables in several millisecond. Besides, IV curve shadow scanning for panel fault detecting also will be used in SOFAR new online monitoring system.

Currently, we can offer technical support by engineers from two offices: one in Ahmedabad, another in Hyderabad (will be moved to Bangalore soon). Since 2018, we offer 7 years warranty for the whole Indian market. 

Now we are seeking more distributors and EPC companies as our business partners in India. We are certainly not the cheapest inverters you can find in China. But if you consider quality is important, you will not regret to work with us. Because we build quality, we offer quality.




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