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Solar Rooftop Market in India

India added more rooftop solar power capacity in the last financial year than in the previous four  years combined, making it the fastest-growing segment in the country’s clean energy space. During the financial year 2017, some 715 megawatts (MW) of systems were added, up from 227 MW in the previous year, taking the country’s total installed capacity to 1.3 GW according to a report by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF). This has happened largely because rooftop solar power is now cheaper than commercial and industrial power in all major Indian states. Overall, because of increased competition and low solar panel prices, setting up rooftop systems has become cheaper than the global average by between 39% and 50% in India.

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Increasing Scope for Residential Sector

In the past ten years, there has been a relentless defeat in the cost of significant components, for example, solar cells. Due to higher power creating limit, rooftop solar panels are turning into the most preferred choice for substitute energy, outperforming other green energy sources. Till recently, most of the growth in the rooftop segment is driven by commercial and industrial users. The economics work for them given the fall in costs of installation and reduction in energy prices. On the other hand, the residential segment hasn’t taken off much till now. The high upfront capital expenditure currently make rooftop PV (photo voltaic) less attractive for residential consumers. However, residential applications and small scale rooftop projects are impelling this market further now. Stiff competition in the market combined with falling prices for the solar components make solar systems affordable for residential and small scale industries. Additionally, Government incentives and policies (30% of project cost offered by the MNRE and additional incentive from State governments) to push rooftop solar installations have also contributed to the growth over the last year. Lucrative returns topped with low and easy maintenance is driving the residential segment to the next level.

As the demand for residential sector grows, there are many new entrepreneurs & freelancers who wish to tap on the opportunity.Solar rooftop panels are extremely user-friendly and convenient to install which is one of the major factors that influence the development of the market. DIY solar kits can become a handy tool for many  professionals in such time. Solar installers can provide smart and speedy solution through DIY solar kits.

DIY Solar Kit

DIY solar kit can provide plug & play solutions in residential, commercial & other stand-alone systems. It is basically an all-in-one solution which carries all required components of a small-scale solar system ranging usually from 1 KW to 10 KW. Usually the DIY kits include:

  • Solar PV Modules
  • Solar Inverters
  • DCDB /ACDB with Junction Box
  • AC / DB Cables
  • Earthing Protection
  • Mounting Structure
  • User’s Manual / Installation Guide
  • Bi-Directional Meter (optionally)

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DIY Solar Kits from Sanelite Solar Pvt Ltd

Sanelite Solar Pvt Ltd is a pivotal company in the area of renewable energy providing end-to-end solar PV solutions from manufacturing solar PV modules to solar EPC installations. Sanelite Solar is a preferred manufacturer of high-quality PV modules of capacity 40Wp to 335Wp. Created in astate- of-the art manufacturing facility and quality-tested at every stage of lifecycle, these panels are aesthetically superior absorber of sunlight. Sanelite Solar also offers end-to-end solar EPC solutions including grid-connected solar PV systems, off-grid solar PV systems, and solar power plants. Our experience of engineering and installing high quality solar power systems and our uncompromising ervice is what makes us a strong player. With its extensive experience of solar installations and strong franchisee/dealer network feedback, the company has developed a one of its kind product – the Solar DIY Kit.




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