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With our experience of operating & managing over 800MW of Solar PV plants acrossWith our experience of operating & managing over 800MW of Solar PV plants acrossIndia we found that less than 50% of the plants have a working SCADA, less than 40% have string monitoring, less than 25% have remote monitoring feature and only couple ofcustomers have a centralized dashboard where they can monitor all their solar PV plants!

Having a remote dashboard at your office & monitoring your PV plant can save you a fortune!

EagleSun SCADA has been developed with the abundant knowledge of Avi Solar’sengineering team working in different PV technologies at different geographical location.By analyzing the real-time data that is pushed into the cloud server from the plant, EagleSun SCADA can pinpoint the problem at field, it can send alert based on the severity of the problem.

In Fig 2. on a single day for a given irradiance in a 5MW plant – losses add upto 1690 units! There are plenty of SCADA systems with complex graphics, rugged PLC hardware,expensive servers in control rooms hungry for high bandwidth connectivity to transferdata over internet. Is that really what you need ?

EagleSun SCADA is a Simple Low Cost - IOT based platform which works on GSM hotspots/SIM cards. The focus here is ease of use and simplicity! Within a few clicks you can pointout to the problems at the field.

Don’t worry if you have already installed SCADAs from multiple vendors in your PV plant,we will help you bring the data remotely to the cloud & offer you a single dashboard tomonitor all your plants. As the solar PV plant gets older, one needs to watch for performancedegradations & losses due to aging of plant .PV Panels degrading, MMS fasteners rusting,Cable terminations giving away – its all happening there faster than expected!

Monitoring all the parameters at the site remotely and engaging with the the technicalcompetent O&M service provider might save your plant from catastrophe.Avi Solar offers most comprehensive solution for PV plant monitoring needs. Its In housedeveloped hardware – APIC [Avi On-Premises IoT Controller] is compatible with all industrystandard protocols including Modbus – RTU/TCP/CAN/RF and has state of the art EdgeComputing firmware developed by our domain experts.

Whether it is a new plant, or an old plant which has only local monitor, or you want toWhether it is a new plant, or an old plant which has only local monitor, or you want tobring all your plant data to one single dashboard – we have a solution for all - EagleSunTMSCADA.




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