Rooftop Solar PV Mounting Optimum Solutions

West Coast Engineering Works Pvt Ltd is a pioneer in the solar industry for innovating, engineering and designing ALUMINIUM WALKWAYS for Solar Rooftop Projects. After having manufactured and supplied Aluminium Walkways , Handrails and Ladders to multiple prestigious jobs, West Coast has become a generic brand in the solar industry.Having the opportunity to be a part of the solar industry right from its inception, we have researched, innovated and developed ancillary products that are paramount for the solar power plants.

Our latest area of development has been the MMS for Solar Rooftop Projects. Solar PV Panel mounting support system is a critical cost bound product. We have optimally designed Aluminium support brackets used to mount PV panels on solar rooftop.

These Aluminium mounting structure is very important as the lifespan of the Solar PV panel depends upon how light weight and strong the support system is made to resist reverse air pressure from bottom. In addition, the design is made to provide optimum efficiency of PV panel energy generating power. This can be achieved by providing a sufficient gap between the panel and rooftop to maintain the right temperature beneath the panel. Temperature needs to maintained as with high temperature the efficiency drops. We have designed this support system by taking into account the life span of the metallic roof which does not permit any hole penetration to allow leakage.

The mounting structure are pivotal in roof mount system and hence all design parameters of safety and durability have been given utmost attention so that execution can be done smoothly and there is no post installation problems.

West Coast’s research and design team are continuously working to develop unique systems for roof mounting with optimum customization and standardization for Rooftop Solar Power Industry.



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