Six Reasons to Choose Huawei SUN2000-50KTL-M0

So what’s new in the SUN2000-50KTL?

More experience – over 75GW worth more

Based on the GTM Research and IHS Markit 2018 report, Huawei ranked No.1 in PV inverter global shipments in 2015, 2016 and 2017. In fact, there are a total of 75GW of solar inverters deployed globally by Huawei FusionSolar to date. That’s a whole lot of learning experience, successful projects and happy customers.

Fuse-free Design for Superior Safety

The SUN2000-50KTL has made significant strides in achieving Superior Safety. With one MPPT in every two PV strings in parallel connection, even if there is a fault in one string, the short-circuit current will not exceed 10A, which is well within capacity level for both the string and inverter. Typically metal fatigue and the fuse de-rating cause fuse high failure rate, and the fuse failure rate increases with solar plant running from the 4th year onwards. Huawei’s fuse-free design greatly reduces the O&M cost of replacing fuses while increasing safety.

IP65, Natural Cooling Design for Better Reliability

As a leading global provider of ICT infrastructure and smart devices, Huawei has accumulated over 25 years’ experience on heat dissipation. The SUN2000-50KTL inverter adopts nature cooling technology with no external fans, is fully sealed and achieving IP65 protection rating with high environmental adaptability. It can be used in humid, salt-mist, desert and any other harsh environment, which effectively avoids the O&M costs of fan repair and the loss of the inverter shutdown caused by the failure of fans.

Multi-MPPT for Higher Yields

As figured in Huawei FusionSolar website (, Huawei SUN2000-50KTL inverter is equipped with 6 MPPTs which efficiently adapts to different layouts. Compared with 3-4 String/MPPT design, the Huawei inverter results in lower power loss from string mismatch, while significantly achieving higher yields.

String-level Management for Easier O&M

The Huawei SUN2000-50KTL configured 0.5% high-accuracy sensors in every string input side for real-time current & voltage monitoring, string-level management & optimization. It automatically generates fault alarms and provide O&M suggestions for efficient site maintenance.

4G Dongle Solution for Simpler Communication

Huawei FusionSolar provides free Cloud platform, enable the customers to monitor and manage all their PV plants in one system (FusionSolar Smart Management System). Derived from the design concept of being easy installation, smart management and reliable operation, latest 4G Dongle solution simplifies the communication method on rooftop, supporting maximum 10 inverters for internal and external transmission, saving time and cost on commissioning and management.



20MW rooftop PV plant uses Huawei SUN2000-50KTL string inverters in Xi’an, China



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