Ecoppia E4 – Robotic, water free PV panels cleaning system

In fact, according to the World Resources Institute, 79% of new energy instillations will be built in arid regions already suffering from water stress. To keep solar panels clean and optimal, 2-3 liters of water are needed for washing each panel, that’s over 15 Billion litters every year for the current installed base only. In that rate, India is expected to exhaust all available water by 2050.


To maximize solar park energy output without the expense and negative ecological impact of manual and water-based cleaning, Ecoppia created the “E4”. 

- Completely water free cleaning

- Fully autonomous

- Remotely managed and controlled

- Fail safe solution, certified by the leading panel makers

- Energy independent, solar powered

- Daily cleaning of each panel on site post energy production hours, maintaining peak performance 24/7/365

- Cost effective, and bankable

The system has a proven track record of over 85 million solar panels cleaned to date, in the harshest conditions of the India and the Middle East.


Main advantages:

 Marked increase in energy production

 Reduction in cleaning and overall O&M costs

 Constant availability of cleaning allowing an immediate recovery in the event of dust storms

 Elimination of water infrastructure costs 

 No dependency on labor and water availability nor costs (robots never go on strikes!)


Among the E4 customers: NTPC, Adani Power, SunEdison / TerraForm, ENGIE / SolaireDirect, EDF (Electric Du France) and other tier-1 global energy players. 





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