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Spark Solar’s 5 Busbar technology boost Solar Module efficiency

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Spark Solar has started shipping their new, higher efficiency 5 busbar solar panels.

Spark Solar dedicates itself exclusively to the business of solar energy. Spark Solar panels are designed and manufactured to the highest standards of quality performance and durability. It upholds high quality and environmental standards at every stage. Spark Solar is head quartered in Mumbai, manufacturing world-class crystalline silicon photovoltaic panels.

The main building blocks are high-performance polycrystalline solar panels and world-class customer service. Spark Solar manufactures solar panels for grid-tie and off-grid power generation and a network of authorized Spark Solar installers and distributors, along with engineering, procurement and construction services for utility-scale projects.

Featured Product

Spark Solar has started shipping their new, higher efficiency 5 busbar solar panels. The five busbar PERC cell technology can boost cell efficiency by as much as two percentage points. “High power in the smallest space with maximum durability”

Benefit of 5 Bus bar on Spark Solar Panels

5 bus bar modules are the latest technology in the market and they have several benefits over 3 bus bar or 4 bus bar modules. 


The bus bars are the metal lines you see going down the cells of the solar panel. They are the wires that connect each cell to the other, allowing the current to flow. Since each cell is generally just over a half a volt, the bus bars wire them together in series to create the higher voltages needed to be a usable solar panel. For a typical 60 cell, 20V nominal solar panel, that equals around 32Vmp (maximum power point voltage).

Higher Output per cell = Higher Efficiency

As the distance between adjacent bus bars is shorter in 5BB modules, the current path is shorter leading to higher output.  Additional busbars creates lower resistance between cells. Ohms Law tells us that as resistance (ohms, R, or Ω) go down, the current (amps) goes up. And when current goes up for the same voltage, power (which is volts times amps) goes up.

ohms table

I = Current (amp), V = Voltage (volts), R = Resistance, P = Power (watts)

The result of the additional busbars is that the solar panels are about 2% more efficient. This means that they can output 2% more power in the same size solar panel. As their manufacturing process gets more and more efficient, they can increase the wattage of their standard 60 cell solar panels.

Lower Residual Stress in 5 bus bar cells= Lower Degradation

When conductors are soldered onto solar cells to assemble them into solar modules, the soldering activity leaves behind residual stress in the cells. Over time the residual stress converts into micro-cracks which ultimately reduces the generation. Due to shorter distance between the bus bars in 5BB cells, the residual stresses are lower in 5BB modules by up to 10%. Hence long term generation of 5BB modules is superior as degradation is lower.

Today significant losses occur during stringing the cells in a module by using standard 3 or 4 busbar technology. Simulations demonstrates that the multi-busbar design allows higher cell and module efficiencies compared to 3 or 4-busbar cell design, and in the same time reduces the amount of silver needed for the front electrode.




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