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SF7 is the solar tracker with the highest yield-per-acre performance and greatest land-use options, ideal for large-scale PV tracking projects

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Soltec, a leading manufacturer and supplier of single-axis solar trackers.
SF7 Single-Axis Tracker
Soltec, a leading manufacturer and supplier of single-axis solar trackers. Soltec’s horizontal PV trackers are factory serviced with dedicated customer project support in plant design and onsite activities including advisory presence, logistics, training, and regionally available installation. Soltec’s global operations are dedicated to innovation, product standardization, and customer success.
These services that the company can offer along with its solar trackers:
- Onsite performance of Pull Out tests for preliminary specification of the most suitable pile foundations for project specific tracker loads and soil conditions. 
- Prior to construction, Soltec specialists can provide customers with a product workshop and installation training at Soltec facilities. During project development and execution, Soltec provides online technical support of tracker layout designing, tracker installation and tracker functional testing. Commissioning service is not included in this plan.
- Onsite advisory to guide customer’s team through the details of logistics, site-work, and equipment installation in construction. Onsite Advisory services combine strengths between project partners to reduce costs.
- Under the Construction Plan, Soltec shall design, plan, supply, transport, handle, install, control and report the equipment related in the contract, including accessories and hardware needed to complete the work.
- Commissioning protocols performed by specialized engineers to assure meeting crucial commercial operations deadlines and long-term operating reliability. Soltec delivers a typical commissioning execution rate of 5 MW/day, with available extension up to 10 MW/day. 
 Product Introduction
Soltec introduced this summer its next generation SF7 single-axis solar tracker, which enables higher yield and achieves lower installed first-cost. SF7 horizontal single-axis solar PV tracker is the seventh-generation innovative fruit of Soltec’s 12-year history as a solar PV tracking specialist.
SF7 is the solar tracker with the highest yield-per-acre performance and greatest land-use options, ideal for large-scale PV tracking projects. Its features combined with proven cost-effective innovation and operation have driven Soltec to the top-tier globally.
With SF7, customers advantage is increased when they must compete in low and falling PPA bid circumstances. Key features of SF7 that customers value highly include fewest piles-per-MW and greatest installation tolerances on steep-slope and irregular land. SF7 is destined to set a new industry benchmark as the essence of solar tracker cost-effectiveness.
Technology Specifications
Tracking System: Horizontal Single-Axis with independent rows
Tracking Range: 120°+
Drive System: Enclosed Slewing Drive, DC Motor
Power Supply: Self-Powered PV Series
Tracking Algorithm: Astronomical with TeamTrack Backtracking 
Foundation: Driven Pile, Ground Screw or Concrete
Ground Coverage Ratio: Configurable. Typical range 28-50%
Standard: 72 cells
Optional: 60 Cells
Thin Film (Solar Frontier, First Solar and others)
Technology Advancements
SF7 uniquely tolerates steep-slope installation to 17% grade on the North-South axis, compared to 10% of the leading competitor. SF7 mounting brackets uniquely offer the widest range of assembly tolerances to construction variables of irregular land or imperfect site preparation, at a cost that works as well on not-so-challenging terrain. 
SF7 provides for complete module-fill on the tracker, fully 5% greater than the leading competitor. That translates into 5% greater yield potential from the same plant area. By eliminating the array-gaps over all pile-mounting locations, SF7 takes an elegant step to the higher refinement of a mature standard product.   
With the DC Harness and String Runner innovations, SF7 introduces cabling savings related to managing PV source circuits. DC Harness is factory assembled using automotive type quick-connectors and lower cost aluminum wire. DC Harness performs both the source circuit-fusing and combining functions, eliminating the typical combiner box and its installation. The result is a faster installation and less cost. DC Harness combines with the String Runner cable management technique that uses the tracker torque-tube as a high-protection cable carrier, eliminating material and installation of cable trays, messenger cables, and other typical solutions.
Targeted/ Benefitted Customer Segment
SF7 saves time specifically in installation and maintenance, and more generally along the chain of events in developing and executing the supply contract with Soltec. 
Installation time-saving is at the heart of SF7 innovation. It is evidenced in comparison with a leading competitor, and: 54% fewer piles-per-MW, 15% less parts count, and 58% fewer screw type connections. That all adds up to faster installation.
Time-saving is also achieved in supply contract execution that counts on Soltec’s Solhub logistics system of synchronized global factory warehouse stock with regional operations per customer project schedule. Onsite deliveries are unitized tracker packages ready to distribute onsite with minimal onsite handling, and with no intermediate handling companies between Soltec factories and the customer site.
Energy is saved at installation with the lowest pier-per-MW spec on the market that translates into less pile-driver time and less emissions of carbon dioxide; and coincidentally less disruption of the natural terrain. 
Maintenance time-saving begins with Near Field Communications (NFC) at the tracker level to facilitate individual tracker maintenance operations. Washing the PV array is a time-consuming task. With SF7 Face to Face positioning, the washing vehicle is addressing twice the array-area per vehicle pass compared to the leading competitor, reducing proportionately the hours-per-MW washing rate.



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