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The technology we collaborated for single axis tracking solution from Europe is of a single row-wise tracker

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SunMount Engineering, a division of Waaree Energies Limited is an expert in the field of Module Mounting Structures and DC package providing turnkey solutions to leading developers and EPC companies. 
For Single-axis tracking solution, we have a strategic technical partnership with an European company pioneering in the tracking solution and delivering for the past 9 years and has a rich experience of commissioning of 100MW in the Indian market in states of Telangana and Karnataka. 
Our partner’s rich experience of 9 years provides great insights to design the components with a longer life and a reduced cost of O&M, puts us well positioned from others to cater to the growing solar tracker market which is also been aided by the high module prices and greater acceptability by the developers. Also with the increasing order book we are developing our team to cater for the larger volumes of projects.
a. Product Introduction
The single axis tracking technology which enables to provide a higher output without going for a higher DC capacity by eliminating the initial loss in generation in the morning and in the evening from a fixed-tilt plant as depicted below.
Also the technology leads to grid stability with a consistent generation for a longer time unlike a peak generation as in the fixed tilt.
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The technology we collaborated for single axis tracking solution from Europe is of a single row-wise tracker with a string size of 19-30 modules per table. The major advantage for such a technology is that it easily adapts to all shapes of land, contour and slopes and requires much less land to install compared to other trackers in the market. Design is simple and easy to manufacture in India. All the components are similar to the structures the vendors are already well versed with. Execution is also easy due to modular design. In short the SAT we propose is faster to deploy and easy to scale up.
b. Technology Specifications
The Single Axis Tracker System (SATS) developed under the collaboration of the SB Solar, Italy and SunMount Engineering, India can be installed according to the following technical features.
•The degree of tracking shall be -45 degree to +45 degree.
•The tracker is designed for an operational wind speed of 25m/s at 45degrees and 44m/s at stow position. In case the wind speed is above 25m/s during operation, the tracker will backtrack to stow position in 16 seconds.
•The single row technology which we adapt allows handling a ground undulation along the length of the table of 500mm or 1 in 40 giving a high ground coverage ratio (35% to 50%) and completely reducing the cost & time of land grading and enables for a faster deployment.
•The control system deployed in the field runs on a robust software with a self-tracking capability and a periodical sync with the central SCADA stationed in the Inverter Control Room.
•The linear actuator designed is free from any maintenance and is stationed in a fully enclosed IP 65 cabinet
•The entire system is integrated with a very efficient backtracking algorithm which optimises the yield by shade avoidance between the rows.
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c. Technology Advancements
As Indian market already experienced a considerable percentage of trackers installation and the developers are very well aware of the technology with self-powered control systems and a seamless wireless communication with the SCADA has become an industry standard.
Apart from these, the use of single-axis tracking technology in combination with a String Inverter* design rather than a Central Inverter design proved to provide a particular advantage in terms of higher generation
d. Targeted/ Benefitted Customer Segment
With the modules prices very high, this creates a great opportunity to developers to explore single-axis tracking technology which would give a higher output without going for a higher DC capacity.
While Indian market already experienced a considerable percentage of trackers installation but one has to take particular care while choosing the technology about the O&M costs incurred to provide the committed uptime guarantee of availability of the system. If the tracking technology has a higher O&M costs it would bring down the overall advantage of a higher generation from the tracking system.



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