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Fonrich brings string monitoring and module optimizing solution into Indian market to open the ‘Black Box’ of PV system

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Fonrich New Energy, a leading solar power company based in Shanghai, China, has applied for more than 100 patents and acquired UL, TUV, CE certification for their PV Power Optimizer, Intelligent Combiner Box, Smart Data Logger, String Monitoring Unit and DC Arc-fault Detector.

Fonrich attended the 2017 REI Expo in Noida and brought its most advanced 1500V string monitoring unit and combiner box into Indian market.

Fonrich String Monitoring Unit (SMU), named as Gilgal, takes the first market share in China, has been widely used for more than 15GW solar system. Gilgal 2 and Gilgal 3 are designed for 1000V and 1500V system respectively, have enclosed and compact PCB board and modularized current sensor, can monitor the string current, bus-bar voltage, combiner box temperature and the status of breaker and SPD, and transfer the data through Modbus RS485 to SCADA system. With the embedded power supply, Gilgal can be directly connected to the bus-bar, which saves the space of combiner box and the cost of the external power supply. Advance Gilgal3 unit can monitor 4 digital and 2 analog data and detect the arc-fault to protect the system from fire. According to a report, 40% fires are caused by DC arc-fault in solar system. Moreover, LoRa wireless communication is also a shining feature for Gilgal 3.

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Fonrich Intelligent Combiner Box, which has been certificated by TUV, has optional world-class and Chinese made components and are available for both 1000VDC and 1500VDC system. Compared to traditional separated combiner box or array junction box, all of the components, fusers, breaker, SPD, monitoring unit, are all installed in one box, makes the system more compact and easy to maintenance. With Fonrich string monitoring unit, Gilgal, the string current, bus-bar voltage and temperature can be monitored in SCADA system. Optional DC arc-fault protection can also be used to prevent the system from fire.

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Fonrich PV Power Optimizer and cloud-based management APP is designed for distributed solar system, especially for rooftop projects.
The optimizer, which is installed at the back of each PV panel, tracks the Maximum Power Point of each PV panel separately to increase the installation at a same place and improve the power output of the whole system. As the modules are in series in a traditional system, the power output will be dramatically reduced due to any bucket-effect on a single module, like shading, defect, ect.


Fonrich optimizer also monitors the status of each PV panel, to identify the module level problem remotely and realize real-time and cloud-based O&M with mobile APP, which also means more power, less input and more money.

Fonrich is dedicated to provide overall solutions about Smart Power Generation, Intelligent O&M and Safety Mechanism for both distributed and utility-scale solar power system.




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