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Wireless integration helps and control tracker‘s critical parameters with minimal cabling

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Mahindra Susten Private Limited, is a diversified services company with a keen eye on the renewable energy / clean-tech space.

A leading player in Indian solar with 1750 MWp of portfolio, Mahindra Susten has also ventured into the sustainable transportation sector through its development of solar charging stations for electric vehicles, which it has installed in several cities across India.

In addition to its solar EPC and electric vehicle charging stations, Mahindra Susten’s service portfolio spans - telecom tower solarization; Solar DG Hybrid solutions; green factory building and
Energy Management Services. Mahindra Susten’s portfolio also includes MachinePulse, a software division that provides rapidly scalable solutions addressing the machine data requirements of industrial protocols, M2M and IoT segments with real time big data analytics and decision science on a cloud platform.

2. Featured Product: MSAT 100- Mahindra Susten Azimuth Tracker

a. Product Introduction:

Mahindra Susten Azimuth Tracker (MSAT 100), commercially launched in 2016, is an indigenously developed in house product of Mahindra Susten. While developing this tracker, the key design philosophy was to bring a tracker in the market that is as simple as a fixed tilt system, is environmentally suitable and Robust. MSAT 100 was devised with Plug and Play technology to ensure both simplicity and reliability, thereby making tracker more attractive to developers.

MSAT 100, Horizontal Single Axis Tracker overcomes traditional disadvantages of using tracker systems. Here is how:

Quick and Easy Installation:

Plug & Play: The entire tracker system has been designed keeping Plug and Play Philosophy, which in turn allows easy installation, without any welding requirement at site

Self-Powered: MSAT 100 is a self-powered tracker, hence, does not require additional cabling at site.
Independent Row Tracker: MSAT 100 as specified above has an independent row tracking, thereby making both installation and maintenance easy.

Pre-Programmable Controllers: MSAT 100 tracker controllers will be pre-programmed before sending to the site. Each controller will have clear indication of which controller should be on which row of tracker, making MSAT 100 truly “plug and play”.

Wireless Interface: Wireless integration helps and control tracker‘s critical parameters with minimal cabling. Real time monitoring adds an extra point over fixed tilt systems.

Undulation Management: With MSAT-100 upto 900mm slope for 60m span in North-South direction can be managed. 300mm slope can be managed in East-West direction for 5m pitch. To minimize grading at site, stubs of variable lengths ranging from 2.7m to 3.3m are utilized.

Reliability: MSAT 100 was designed keeping in mind various components like bearings, torque tube, rails, etc. to last for a plant lifetime of 25 years. These components have undergone accelerated life cycle test of almost 30 years to ensure reliability. Various other tests from ERTL Lab on temperature cycling, Humidity Tests, Salt Spray Test, ensures that MSAT 100 is maintenance free and reliable system. Auto stowing feature for harsh climatic conditions, extreme temperatures and high-speed winds ensures reliability of system under adverse conditions.

Proven Performance:

Gain on Sites: MSAT 100 has recorded an exceptional gain of ~23% with respect to fixed tilt at GRT Silverwares site in Tamil Nadu and gain of around 21% at our Bright Solar Site in Andhra Pradesh. The average gain across installations is at 21%

Installation Regions: MSAT 100 has been installed at various sites in India including Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Rajasthan. It has also travelled international to Thailand.

Customer Portfolio: esteemed customer portfolio includes Renew Power, Hero Future Energies, GRT Silverwares, Kiran Solar, Saketh Solar, Premier Solar, Emmvee, Jakson, Ritismeera, etc.

Targeted/ Benefitted Customer Segment: Government Agencies, IPPs, Developers, Private Equity Firms, Venture Capital firms and Industrial houses active across Solar domain across India and abroad are the targeted customer segment of Mahindra Susten.






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