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SOFARSOLAR inverters have been installed in more than 20 countries with currently 9 own subsidiaries

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SOFARSOLAR is one of the subsidiaries of the SOFAR Group which is No.1 in the GPS industry.
The SOFAR Group has been devoting itself to the communications and renewable energy fields since 2007 and decided to enter the PV industry in 2012, established SOFARSOLAR which specializes in R&D, production, sales and service of on-grid inverters ranging from 1kW to 70kW.
SOFARSOLAR, with around 400 employees, is equipped with a very strong R&D team and the major engineers have more than 10 years’ experience in the PV industry. We have successfully improved many areas of technology in both software and hardware which had not been solved by other popular brands in the recent past. 
Now SOFARSOLAR inverters have been installed in more than 20 countries with currently 9 own subsidiaries.
On-grid inverters, AC Retrofitting inverters and hybrid inverters. 
Market sectors: domestic sales department and overseas sales department 
Vision Statement
We plan to be top 5 string inverter manufacturer around the world.
Mission Statement:
We are now top 5 string inverter manufacturer in China. We are cooperating with top EPC companies in domestic market in China. We also have big distributors in Australia, UK, and European countries. 
We have sold around 3.5GW on-give inverters around the world. That is 350,000 units.
Business Goals & Objectives: We plan to be top 5 string inverter manufacturer around the world and we plan to get 8-10% of the string inverter market.
Business Strategy: In 2018 and 2019, we are focusing on power storage solutions. For examples, three phase AC Retrofitting inverters, three phase hybrid inverters, etc. Our target of annual sales is 300 million dollars in 2018. 
Products & Services
1. On-gird inverters: 1-70kW
2. AC Retrofitting: 3kW
3. Hybrid inverters: 3-6kW
Pre-sales, on-sales and after-sales services in India.
Business Competitiveness
Good quality inverters with competitive prices.
Service Pledge: 
We have an office in Ahmedabad, and we plan to set up other three offices in three different cities to provide service for all customers in India.
Team & Management
Organisation Structure:
Customers & Projects
We have several distributors in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan. We also is contacting with some big EPC companies. 



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