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Webdyn is focused to deliver the high quality service since the beginning of its Indian operations with the local service support available in India & the network is growing.

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Webdyn is a European leader of supplying multi-protocols concentrators which cover all the applications of teleservice and the monitoring, In India specifically for Solar Remote Monitoring.

1. Introduction

For more than 17 years Webdyn designs and industrialises material and software solutions for M2M communication on the Energy, Environment, Smart Grids and Transport markets.

cucInternet protocols and radio technologies to provide innovative and cost-effective teleservices: remote maintenance, remote management, remote control and remote monitoring.

Webdyn is a European leader of supplying multi-protocols concentrators which cover all the applications of teleservice and the monitoring, In India specifically for Solar Remote Monitoring. With competitive and flexible products, Webdyn covers the entire management of the distant equipments.

The range of specific products and services supplied by the company covers all applications including Solar requiring the integration of IP technologies in your remote management or automated systems.

Webdyn is headquartered in France and also has an office in New Delhi for Indian operations.

2. Strategy

a. Vision Statement: For more than 17 years now Webdyn has been fine-tuning its expertise in the area of radio, PLC G3 communications, embedded systems, and telecommunications technologies in general. More than 50% of its employees are dedicated to R&D and in a very short span of time Webdyn has emerged as the Global Leaders in M2M concentrator / Remote Monitoring Solutions and AIMs to be clear technological winner.

b. Mission Statement: As maintaining good relations is essential for the success of a project, Webdyn places great importance on the attention given to its customers. The speed of response of the commercial & customer support services and the confidence established with the customers are of prime importance and form the subject of an annual satisfaction survey, keeping this theme in our hearts since our existence in India from Sep’15 we are successfully catering to more than top 50 Solar EPC & Developers having more than 1000 Solar Rooftops/sites & AIM to increase this capacity to multiple folds in a couple of years.

c. Business Goals & Objectives: Webdyn is a global leader in M2M concentrators, In India as well the goals are no different & Webdyn certainly AIM to be the first choice of every executive / manager / founder for Remote Monitoring of their Solar sites, Energy Efficiency Management for Industries, a handy remote monitoring tool for Energy Auditors, To be the backbone of Smart Cities & Smart Grid communications.

d. Business Strategy: At present Webdyn in India is operating from New Delhi office having Business Development & customer support team and working with channel partner for Logistics / Stock / Invoicing of the products from Mumbai & having technological partners in Bangalore & Pune. Webdyn is in the process of setting up more channel partners region wise.

3. Business Concept

a. Webdyn is having a list of World class Dataloggers catering to various sectors like: Environment, Renewables, Energy, Transport etc. Specifically in India our prime focus is to provide the best remote monitoring practices for Solar installation in order to achieve best O&M practices at effective & efficient price considering the long term working of a Solar PV plant, to be the best technological solution provider for trouble free monitoring to increase Energy efficiency, to be the center point of Smart cities & Smart Grid communications.

b. Although there are several Inverter Web Boxes available provided by Inverter manufacturers but they have their numerous limitations onto the number, make, brand & type of Inverter / devices to be connected for monitoring, parameters to monitor etc... The product WebdynSun is best suitable to overcome all these & many more relevant issues of managing heterogeneous sites onto single login & hence WebdynSun is at par with any competition in Indian market for Remote Monitoring.

c. Quality Policy Of The Company: The Company Webdyn in France is ISO9001 certified & the product WebdynSun is CE certified confirming to the R&TTE directive, EMC directive & Low Voltage directive.

d. Service Pledge: Listening & customer service are the top priorities of the company &Webdyn is focused to deliver the high quality service since the beginning of its Indian operations with the local service support available in India & the network is growing.

4. Team & Management

a. Organisation Structure: The company is Headquartered in France with Design, development & R&D team sitting there & working continuously to create a masterpiece and timely upgrades, In India the Business Development & Customer Service support for the products are available that can provide the Training sessions, online configuration of the sites & onsite configuration & service support in case required.

b. Ownership Structure:,

● Philippe Faugeras, Chief Executive Officer and founder of Webdyn, began his career in major companies such as BULL and ALCATEL.
In 1985, he teamed up with two other RCE engineers to found the largest French local network developer and the leading European developer of frame relay switches. This period saw him hone his skills and expand his experience in data networks.

In October 1997, he left RCE (which has since been acquired by the Compagnie des Signaux) to found WEBDYN to provide IP network connection solutions for traditional systems. Philippe Faugeras is currently Chairman of WEBDYN SA, the leading European Internet gateway developer for industrial applications.

● Hervé Bibollet is Managing Director of Webdyn.

An industrial data processing engineer, he worked since 1990 as technical project manager in the Alten Group for clients such as Dassault, Elf and Alcatel. 1993 saw him join Euralliance to create and develop the Rhône-Alpes branch marketing high value-added technological solutions.
In 1998 he took over the helm at Manpower’s Office of Computer Science Studies and Executives, moving on in 2001 to Paseosoft, the developer of process automation software, where he was Sales Director and Chief Executive Officer. He joined Webdyn in 2006.

Gurdeep Singh Juneja is the Business Development Head for Webdyn in India.
A dynamic professional (having educational qualifications: B.Tech with Hons. In Instrumentation & Control Engineering, A certified Automation Engineer & MBA in International Marketing) with more than 13 years of experience in Project Leading, Business Development, Client Relationship Management and Team Management.

5. Customers & Projects

Today our customers in India are amongst the top EPCs from Solar PV & 1000+ WebdynSun are successfully performing on various sites of these EPCs (monitoring above 600MW of Solar sites in just 20 months of existence in India) which include the India’s premier buildings like Rashtrapati Bhawan, International Cargo terminal IGI Airport, Chandigarh Airport, IP Bhawan, Delhi – Mumbai & Kochi Metro projects, Industries, Educational Institutions & Universities, NDMC buildings etc. Worldwide we have catered to more than 17,000 solar sites with WebdynSun in past 8 years.





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