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The company has developed a strong research culture and is at the forefront of transforming the country’s energy landscape

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The company was incorporated in 2010 under the leadership of Dr. Gundu Sabde. In 2011 RelyOn launched its Innovative solar solution for petrol station with leading market shares. Soon From field experience RelyOn recognised the gap in the market for quality solar components that offer reliable and extensive after sales service across the country. This scenario induced the R&D team to design and develop robust products suitable for Indian environment that require the least maintenance. Development of Solar Water Pump began in 2011 and by 2013 we completed our first 10 MW utility scale plant.By 2015 we commissioned First-of-a-kind 24hr solar EPC project and started out overseas operations in ,iddle east. By 2015 Sileaf a subsidiary of RelyOn for electronics and water pumps was launched along with RelyOn Solars Indigenously developed Single Axis Row Tracker . 2017 also saw a series of product launches including String Invertrs and RelyOn SCADA. By first quarter of 2017, RelyOn became 5th largest Solar Rooftop installer in India(Mercom Quarterly Report Q1) and by Q4 we expect to reach among top 3 rooftop installer. The company has also received 2*3 time growth this year and was awarded “India’s Most Promosing Brand” by WCRC in Solar Category.

A snapshot of the company’s business and serviced market sectors

The company has developed a strong research culture and is at the forefront of transforming the country’s energy landscape to make it self-reliant and eco-friendly.From steering the industry through customised solutions (structure and design excellence), remote controlling and monitoring service, automated panel cleaning, developing our in-house single axis tracker, SCADA and advanced battery pack lithium ion integration for off grid systems, it continues to be the driver of Innovation in solar industry.

Our EPC services are also known for innovative customised customer centric solutions. Our installations are known for highest power generation per kWp basis and our leakage proof solar solutions creates space rather than consuming space. We made solar system work when there was no net metering through reverse power control and DG synchronisation. Our Petrol pump applications that we have developer has resulted into 700+ application across country and we are one of the few companies two are working on 24 hour solution with solar power. At present we have over 2000 + installations across 16 states and we operate across utility- scale plants to rooftop installations, complete systems, component design, structure design, generation consultancy, maintenance of power systems and everything associated with Solar Power generation.


Vision Statement:

Vision: To be the leading supplier of solar power in india, Middle East and South East Asia, with a target market share of 8%.

Mission Statement:

Mission: To reduce carbon footprint of our customers and enable energy independence by providing them with reliable and cost-effective solar power.

Business Goals & Objectives:

To continue to integrate technology and products in order to be complete turnkey solution to our customers.

Business Strategy:

Specialize in design, engineering, installation, commissioning and maintenance of solar power systems, from KW to MW.
Develop and commercialise unique solar power solutions customised for each application
Enable continuous efficiency improvement and reduction in Rs./watt through innovative solutions & vertical integration
Leverage global sourcing for high quality, reliable and cost effective solar panels & other components
Diversify and expand into emerging solar markets
Expansion Across Indian Solar market through franchise and Dealership model
Establish & enhance the brand image through multiple channels, targeted with focused approach to each prospective segment
Effective PR activities, branding at industry and cross-industry events for brand visibility

Print, Technical & Electronic Media for Sales oriented campaigns
Social media for brand visibility, sales and promotion

Business Concept

List Company’s Products & Services


  • Turnkey Solar Power solutions
  • Utility Scale Plants
  • Grid Tied/ Off Grid Solar Power Systems for
  • Industry
  • Commercial building
  • Multiplex & Shopping malls
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Petrol Pumps
  • Residential
  • Solar Parks
  • Leakage proof Solar Roof
  • Solar Car Park
  • Island Solution


  • Water pump systems
  • Li-ion battery system
  • DC Water Pump
  • Off-Grid Inverter
  • String Inverter
  • Power Management Controller (SolGriD)
  • Single Axis Tracker
  • Data Logger
  • Battery Management System
  • Lithium Ion Based Inverter
  • Advance Battery Pack
  • Single Axis Row Trackers

Business Competitiveness

  • Among top EPC solution provider in India
  • Among top 5 Rooftop solar installers(at end of Q4 expected to be among top 3 )
  • Continuous efforts, R&D and market surveys to understand the market requirements and stay competetive in the Industry

We do face competition in terms of our EPC business but RelyOn has many more services and products to its offering. Through R&D and Research RelyOn works continuously on new technologies and innovations to make solar more adaptable and useful and stay at the forefront of transforming the country’s energy landscape.

We consider other solar as a business prospect for RelyOn Solar rather than competition. We are in process of establishing ourselves as the backbone of solar Industry where we would act as a support mechanism for the market as a whole and establish an ecosystem for energy business in India that simplifies the complicated energy scenario that we have right now.

Quality Policy Of The Company:

An ISO 9001:2015 company with strong focus on processes

Service Pledge: How the company will deliver highest quality of service NA

Team & Management

Organisation Structure: How the company functions & its reporting structure




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