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Crossing yet another milestone – 100 MWp of solar projects for Commercial & Industrial customers

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Cleantech Solar recently increased its signed portfolio to more than 100 MWp of solar projects across South East Asia and India, spread over more than 100 sites in 8 different countries. This makes it an undisputed leader in a region that is both diverse and challenging, but also holds great potential for further growth as Cleantech Solar continues to help companies achieve their renewable energy commitments.

The ability to safely and consistently deliver quality that will last the test of time, regardless of market or local construction partner is a critical enabler in rooftop projects with sites ranging from 200 kWp all the way to 20 MWp. The development of local expertise in each of the company’s markets has been an important step and gives Cleantech Solar a strong foundation for continuing to be the trusted regional partner for leading companies.

Cleantech Solar designs and builds for long-term optimum performance. Combined with top-of-range monitoring solutions, this enables the company and its customers to have a fully integrated view on the performance of their portfolio of solar systems. This is proving increasingly important given the rapid increase in the number of sites under Cleantech Solar management but also the rising trend for “portfolio” projects with larger customers.

Mr. Raju Shukla, Executive Chairman of  Cleantech Solar said:

“It is a great satisfaction for me to see that the team at Cleantech Solar crossed this significant milestone. Securing 100 MWp of capacity exclusively for Commercial & Industrial (C&I) customers in the region is no small achievement. I think our specialized focus on that segment is paying off as we now have an exceptional set of experience, infrastructure and capabilities. This puts us in a unique position to serve key customers and accelerate our explosive growth. Having a strong balance sheet, a robust funding pipeline combined with in-house technical expertise has made a huge difference to our customers. I think we offer today quite a special combination of the capabilities of a global player without having sacrificed any of our trademark responsiveness. However, none of this would have been possible without the repeated support from our customers and we look forward to further expanding those key relationships.”

Mr. David Wigglesworth, Chief Executive Officer, Cambodia Beverage Company said:

“At Coca-Cola we are committed to making ongoing changes to our operations that reduce our carbon impact on the world, therefore the building of our new Greenfields plant in Phnom Penh was the perfect opportunity for us to rethink our power solutions in Cambodia. We are proud of our decision to partner with Cleantech Solar and delighted to be part of their journey in enabling enterprises throughout the region to reach higher levels of clean power usage via rooftop Solar Power Farms, like our 2.5ha solar farm in PPSEZ that to date has generated more than 30% of our power usage.”

Mr. Geoffrey Yeo, Director, Urban Solutions, Enterprise Singapore said:

“Singapore is a hub for clean energy in the region, with a vibrant ecosystem comprising companies with innovative clean energy solutions, and supporting network of multilateral and commercial banks, research institutes and professional services firms. As ASEAN countries move towards renewable energy for their energy needs, Enterprise Singapore is keen to support companies such as Cleantech Solar to capture regional opportunities by developing their manpower, technical capabilities and connecting them to potential partners.”




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