SofarSolar Established Key Co-Operation During REI To Promote India’s Market Development

Last month, the 12th edition of the Renewable Energy India Expo – also known as the REI – was held from September 18 to September 20. The Expo, which was held in the India Expo Center located in Greater Noida, was an immensely large success in appealing to the Renewable Energy market.

The REI attracted over 600 manufacturers throughout move than 40 countries and regions throughout the world, showcasing its ability to create an influence throughout the industry.

SofarSolar was one of the many manufacturers to attend, though they do so with a large reputation to their name as one of the top 5 string inverter companies throughout China. Over the previous years, the company has earned a foothold in the market as a leader in power storage inverters, and their products are currently being used on an international scale.

At the Expo, SofarSolar went onto officially debut a new range of photovoltaic grid tied inverters and power storage inverters for future release. The subsidiary also focused on strategic co-operation with other local enterprises attending the Expo to further consolidate their footing in the market and their competition against fellow manufacturers. 

During the Expo, Sofar also showcased its top selling products, including that of their latest inverters such as the three phase inverter (50-70kW), single phase inverter (3-7.5kW) and hybrid inverter (3-6kW). All products are widely used throughout ground, industrial, and commercial power stations have been immensely well-received by Indian customers.

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Within the Indian market, Sofar’s best-selling product is the 50000TL – 70000TL inverter, and for many good reasons. It attracts customers due to its many professional and efficiency-proving features, including that of a high-yield, flexible, and economical system solution, a low maintenance cost, intelligent grid management, and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

As the company takes the highest level of care in designing, developing, and producing their products, all customers can be provider a higher value for money when they choose to use one of Sofar’s inverters. This has only become increasingly noticed by companies and citizens all over the globe as SofarSolar’s reach continues to grow throughout the industry. With so many different clients using the products, the foothold of the company only grows stronger following years extensive of market accumulation.

During the REI, Sofar Solar paired up to establish a co-operative relationship with a number of well-known local Indian companies, which will further allow them to promote the development of the Indian energy market. At the moment, the Indian energy market occupies a large market share in a number of Indian states and is highly sought after.

Vice President of SofarSolar, David Zhong, has released comments stating that the layout of the Indian market has been completed and Sofar will continue to increase market investment to provide reliable and efficient inverters.



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