KLSA Delivers PV-Combiner For More Than 5,000 MW

KLSA delivers PV-combiner and PV-distribution cabinets for more than 5,000 MW total output in the last 9 years.

First in June 2017 KLSA, broke through the 4.000 MW mark in the business segment of PV applications. Now, 17 months later, the company built PV-combiner for more than 5.000 MW. Thus KLSA built enough AC- and DC-combiners to supply about 2.500.000 households annually with energy. The built-up area corresponds approximately 125km² – these are about 17.500 football fields.

KLSA delivers worldwide in more than 18 countries, nearly in every continent. Amongst others they deliver to Japan, Greece, South Africa, Australia or VAE. KLSA supplies combiners for small as well as for large projects, such as the largest solar park in South America, or one of Australia’s largest off-grid plants.

Apart from AC- and DC-combiners, KLSA develops and produces the string measuring board KSM, monitoring boxes, meter cabinets, various overvoltage protection boxes as well as other electrical components for PV-systems.

Over the past nine years, Klein GmbH has always been a customer-oriented supplier, always finding an optimal solution for every project. They look ahead seems also positive. Both the development of the 1500V DC measuring board and combiners as well the first 800V AC-combiner reflect the company’s steady process and development urge.



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