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Fengming Intelligent Financial Information Platform Beefs-up with Information and Analysis Section

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BEIJING, Nov. 19, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Phoenix Finance, a leading FinTech company in China announces to embed a new information section into its signature Fengming Intelligent Information Engine to provide professional-advised financial analysis and trend forecast. By June 2017, over 50 of 600 applied projects and companies have been settled with Phoenix Finance, that 85% of them have achieved the corporate credit rating of AA or AAA, such as CPIC, Sunshine Insurance Group and Evergrande Group.

Driven by the great investment opportunities in China's Internet technology, Phoenix Finance made unprecedented progress to meet the ever increasing demands from global Chinese to wealth management and assets allocation in three major dimensions.

Dimension 1: Deliver Professional Perspective with Merged Information Channels

As a minority group in the U.S., Chinese Americans have limited wealth management options to choose from due to the information asymmetry, mismatch of products and services and high threshold for investment and cumbersome transaction processes in the financial market.

To better serve the local Chinese in the U.S., Phoenix Finance international site in North American is launched to provide latest local assets management resources and more solutions such as US real estate mortgage products to global Chinese investors. In the short future, the U.S. office will also take care of personal investment service to Chinese citizens who live in Southeast Asia. In 2016, Phoenix Finance will enrich European investment options with cooperation with Denmark Saxo Bank Group to balance the global asset allocation options.

Dimension 2: AI-empowered Finance Platform - Generates Intelligent and Personalized Wealth Management Solutions

Fengming Intelligent Information is launched online in September 2017, with AI + Big Data, it broke the dividing crest among news, finance and technology to apply the concept of intelligent finance at user level and officially launched the Phoenix Finance Fengming Intelligent Information to provide clear analytical charts with insights of applicable investment model and practical knowledge to foster objective financial logic with critical thinking empowered by AI algorithms. The intelligent information engine breaks the limits of separated sectional settings of financial news, financial transitions, and financial technology – to offer a one-stop solution to the majority of global Chinese users. The innovative platform design benefits from Peking University-Phoenix Intelligent Finance Lab which was co-funded by New Finance and Venture Capital Research Center of Peking University in 2016.

A series of cutting edge financial technologies has been fully rolled out in the middle and back-end system, covering several modules like channel management, user management, corporate risk control and financial management. "2 years of continually improvements of technical capabilities, Phoenix Finance now offers various financial platforms such as Fengfei Engine, Fengqi System, Fengyu Wanxiang Risk Control (Enterprise Edition), Fengyu Wanxiang Risk Control (Personal Edition) and Fengyan to better meet the entire market's demands." Vince Zhang, the president of Phoenix Finance said, "Phoenix Finance will enrich its wealth management solution with more data driven intelligent investment products as Zhenzhun Intelligent Investment and Chaowei Fund Lab, etc."

Dimension 3: Cooperating with outstanding financial, scientific research and commercial institutions at home and abroad to provide Safe, Efficient and Convenient Financial Services with Cutting-edge R&D Resources and Advancing International Strengths

Phoenix Finance effectively increases the diversity of global quality assets with a newly established cooperation agreement with Saxo Bank. Enhanced investment and transaction abilities rely on the multi-asset transaction technologies of Saxo Bank which allows investors to have more financial products available for transaction. Thus the cooperation enables to synchronously obtain products and information of the two business sectors - global stock market and fixed income from Saxo Bank.

Besides diverse international asset allocation options, Phoenix Finance also provides convenient tools to process and deal with the financial payment. By April 2017, Phoenix Finance reached a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement with Bank of Beijing to smoothen the procedure of payment and settlement, e-account services, wealth management and financial service innovation.

"As one of the first members of the National Internet Finance Association of China under the People's Bank of China, Phoenix Finance adopts 'Serving Global Chinese' and 'Internet Financial Technology' as the two core engines of development," Vince Zhang, the President of Phoenix Finance said, "we will continue to adhere to the mission of serving global Chinese and the development strategy of 'one-stop intelligent financial platform' and strive to consummate and expand the financial ecosystem based on our revolutionary technologies that allowing each user to enjoy the 'financial' benefits in the era of science and technology."

About Phoenix Finance

Phoenix Finance, Chinese leading intelligent financial services company that provides AI-driven financial information and asset allocation services. More than 85 percent of clients have achieved the corporate credit rating of AA or AAA, including famous organizations and enterprises such as CPIC, Sunshine Insurance Group and Evergrande Group.

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