Nigeria goes DESERT: Jurawatt's climate-optimised DESERT solar panels are heading for West Africa

Following government accreditation, Jurawatt's high-temperature DESERT solar modules are set to enhance Nigeria’s investment in solar renewable energy.

Bavarian solar specialists Jurawatt have been awarded SGS import certification for Nigeria, potentially opening up this region to the advantages of cost-effective access to solar equipment developed for Africa’s harsher climactic conditions. The planned distribution of Jurawatt’s DESERT photovoltaic panels will make a significant contribution towards creating an energy landscape in which Nigeria can progress its important long-term sustainable energy production goals.
Nigeria’s government is committed to economic development and actively promotes solar energy as means to help reduce the country’s ‘power deficit’ – a barrier preventing the creation of a modern industrial economy. Jurawatt’s new status means that regional customers ordering the company’s photovoltaic products will no longer encounter restrictive tariffs. This will considerably reduce the cost of Jurawatt solar energy systems at a time when the demand for PV energy solutions is high, with more plans in the pipeline for further expansion of solar provision.
Though solar installations designed to harvest the country’s abundant solar energy are not a new initiative for Nigeria, previous schemes have had limited success due to the predominant use of standard PV modules developed for European climates. Too often, this has resulted in disappointing performance and shorter product lifespans, with many conventional solar modules failing to function once operational temperatures exceeded their (European) specification limits.
The arrival of Jurawatt’s DESERT 60-cell PV modules will transform the production of solar power by offering better performance as well as the capacity to generate more power. Tests show that standard solar panels in desert regions perform inefficiently in very hot temperatures above 80C. They also lose much of their nominal power after 10 years and then exhibit falling capacities. Jurawatt’s climate-optimised DESERT technology has created solar panels with a lifespan of 20 years or more, which will tolerate harsh, arid conditions and are guaranteed to function in temperatures of up to 125C.
Furthermore, Jurawatt PV modules remain operational for 30% longer than their conventional European counterparts, and their optimised cells generate 15% more power in the hottest temperatures – a major financial advantage for those investing in solar energy.

About Jurawatt Vertrieb GmbH
Jurawatt Vertrieb GmbH is based in Hilpoltstein/Germany. From there, it distributes highly specialised modules such as the DESERT modules to customers around the world. The name of Jurawatt stands for innovativeness and state-of-art technologies.




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