Solar-Log Supports The Future Of Hope Foundation

No one is a refugee by choice. Often circumstances such as war, famine or persecution force people to flee. In order to help the people, the causes of flight in the respective country must be brought into focus and actively combated.

The Future of Hope Foundation is an example of what help on the ground can look like.

Chido Govera is the founder of “Future of Hope” in Zimbabwe, Africa. With her project, she supports women and girls all over the country by helping them earn their own living. She makes use of available waste and their nutrients to grow mushrooms that are used for self-consumption and sale. Not only do the mushrooms offer financial security, but Chido Govera places the need of women and girls to lead self-determined lives, first and foremost.

Offering others a better future

As a young orphan, Chido Govera experienced herself what it means to have no rights, to be defenseless against abuse, and to be hungry. She did not surrender to her fate but found a way out of the spiral of poverty and violence. Now she passes on her knowledge to others with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. “My task in life is to help other orphans and children. The fight against hunger and access to education are in the foreground”, says Chido Govera.

Helping people to help themselves

“The Future of Hope Foundation” has also found supporters here in Germany who actively contribute their skills. There is still a lot to do and the organization is happy to accept help from outside. For example, for the construction of a photovoltaic system for independent power supply or the establishment of a laboratory for mushroom seed cultivation. Solare Datensysteme GmbH supports the initiative financially and will help in the future in the field of PV, among other things.



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