Kenya To Invest $47m World Bank Loan In Off-Grid Solar Energy In Far-Flung Regions

Communities living in marginalised rural areas in Kenya will be connected to electricity through off-grid solutions, as part of the country’s drive to ensuring universal electricity access by 2022.

So far, the government has connected about 75 per cent of the population to the national grid — through both grid and off-grid options. Kenya is now betting on off-grid solutions to provide access to marginalised communities across 14 counties.

The country has secured a $47 million loan from the World Bank to finance solar power projects and provide clean cooking stoves to about 1.3 million people.

The facility, under the Kenya-Off-Grid Solar Access Project, is seeking to establish viable off-grid solutions for areas that are too far from the national grid to be economically viable when using power transmission and distribution facilities. Kosap is set to receive a total of $150 billion from the World Bank.

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