Prepare The Next Cleaning Season With SolarCleano

SolarCleano opens new production slots for its cleaning robot, so that delivery is possible for the beginning of the cleaning season.

SolarCleano is a robot dedicated to the cleaning of solar panels. As it can be carried by only one person and works without power supply access, it can be used on all types of solar installations.

Since launching the robot in January 2018, SolarCleano has set caterpillar tracks on solar fields all around Europe. Operating with 2 brushes, the various SolarCleano robots of our customers have given a spring cleaning to an average of 50 000m² of solar cells each week! New 2.2m long brushes also entered the market in Q4, with an increased in time efficiency for cleaning by 60% or more.

We would like to help you increase your cleaning capacity too! SolarCleano is very popular, and we are now reserving production slots for March.



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