GPTech Provide The Inverter Stations And Control Solution For A Three-Phase Plant In Ukraine Reaching A Power Capacity Of 57.6MWp


The three-phase plant Dymerka 2-3-4 is built by ACCIONA Energía in Dymerka, northern Ukraine , and will reach 57.6 MWp in the PV installation. This will become one the largest solar projects in the region.

The Inverter Stations and Control Platform from the Spanish company GPTech have been chosen for the complete energy management of the plant generation.

For this purpose a solution that comprises fifteen GPTech Inverter Stations, have been provided.  Every GPTech has a conversion capacity over 4MW and it comes fully-integrated with the MV step-up elements.

In addition, the energy management is performed dinamically by the GPTech EKS®  Supervisory and Control Platform which provides advanced Grid Support Functions to ensure grid code compliance. The  Platform includes three interrelated control levels, which gives an optimal response to the requirements  of the electrical network.




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