Suntech Won A Bifacial Module Project And Opened A New Era Of The PV Industry In Britain

Suntech has signed a supply agreement with GRIDSERVE recently for a total of 37.4MW to build a solar power station using bifacial modules in Warrington UK, the project of which will all adopt bifacial modules, P-type, monocrystalline Perc, manufactured by Suntech, who will start supplying for the biggest bifacial modules power station in Europe from June.

As we all know that the British photovoltaic market has been relatively quiet in recent years due to the impact of macro factors such as Brexit and government policies and the photovoltaic question cloud hanging over the empire without sundown is as thick and continuous as the sound of Big Ben. However, Suntech always believes that sun creates world, tech changes the future, and photovoltaic is just the best answer for future energy development!

After signing the supply agreement, the project will become the most advanced solar power plant technologically in the UK so far and the adoptive bifacial modules completely provided by Suntech will be installed on the Nextracker tracking bracket to promote the growth of power generation utmost no matter on product efficiency or installation method. The bifacial modules of Suntech adopt bifacial PERC cells technology combined with various leading technologies such as double-glass, which can increase the power generation of modules by up to 20%-25%. 30 years of linear power guarantee means more power generation gains and meanwhile it is the absolute confidence that Suntech has in the quality of its products. Through Suntech’s bifacial double-glass products, more power generation could be achieved with lower carbon emissions so as to maximize customer benefits.

In the meantime, GRIDSERVE which is a technology-based international sustainable energy company developing, building, owning and operating solar power and cells storage solutions for key power infrastructure will continue to provide operations and maintenance services for this project. ‘It will be the most advanced project in the UK, and moreover it will also open a new era of unsubsidized and sustainable energy ‘claimed Toddington Harper, the CEO of GRIDSERVE when signing this project.

It also coincides with Sentech’s vision by increasing new technology research and development and the improvement of production process, providing customers wholeheartedly with high quality, high reliability and cost-effective photovoltaic products depending on outstanding technical advantage and manufacturing level, promoting actively the target of ‘grid parity ‘realized as soon as possible and sparing no effort to light up every corner of the world with the most clean and abundant solar energy resources.

Spreading out the blueprint of photovoltaic market construction in the UK, Suntech will become the technical benchmark standing on the land of the British empire. With the mist eventually clearing, the sun will shine through the cracks in the clouds and Suntech will make its first mark on the UK market relying on its quality and technology advantage.



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