Two New Solar Power Plants Commissioned In The Astrakhan Region

Two new solar power stations have been commissioned in the Astrakhan Region: the SPS “Elista Severnaya” and the SPS “Mikhaylovskaya” with a capacity of 15 MW each.

The SPS “Elista Severnaya”, located near the village of Trusovo of the Narimanovsky District, has been trading on the wholesale electric power market since 1 April 2019, the SPS “Mikhailovskaya”, situated near the town of Narimanov, has successfully completed the qualification and localization procedure necessary for a generating facility and will begin electricity supply into a single network next month.

The solar power plants were built by Core Value Capital GmbH, Green Source Consulting GmbH and Vershina Development LLC in cooperation with the general contractor Gildemeister LSG Beteiligungs GmbH owned by the special project company Eco Energy Rus LLC. Project financing was provided by VTB Bank (PJSC).

Also as part of this transaction, Eco Energy Rus LLC received support from Oesterreichische Kontrollbank Aktiengesellschaft (OeKB), a unique experience on the finance market for the Russian electric power industry.

″Our investment projects have had a significant positive impact on the development of the economy of Russia and Austria. The successful implementation of the transaction was the result of teamwork with colleagues from VTB Group, Green Source and Vershina Development and OeKB, ″ said Ferry Tahan, Managing Director of Core Value Capital GmbH.

As of now, Astrakhan Region has four solar power plants, built by the Russian-Austrian group of companies: the SPS “Volodarovka”, the SPS “Enotaevka”, the SPS “Elista Severnaya” and the SPS “Mikhailovskaya”. The total solar generation capacity under the management of the consortium in the region has reached 60 MW and operational availability of the solar power facilities is carried out by Vershina Operation LLC.

The construction of the solar power plants as part of the Agreement of Intent on the Implementation of Investment Projects in the field of solar power in the territory of the Astrakhan Region signed in March 2018 has been completed. The group of companies fulfilled all the plans in the region ahead of schedule and in full, having invested around 10 billion rubles into the energy sphere of Astrakhan in less than 2 years.

″Looking ahead, we plan the construction of new solar power plants with an aggregate capacity of 75 MW in Siberia: “MPP Orlovsky” and “Baley” in the Trans-Baikal Territory, as well as “Tarbagatai”, “Kabanskaya” and “BVS” in the Republic of Buryatia,″ said Pavel Shevchenko, Director General of “Vershina Development” LLC.



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