SolarCleano Cleans Faster, Better And Increases Productivity

Since entering the market in 2017, SolarCleano has left its mark in the world of solar.

The small Luxembourgeois robot is now exported all around the world and keeps evolving rapidly: New brushes of different hardness grades that can be swapped out in under a minute, new XL brushes capable of cleaning 1500m² of solar panels per hour.

The SolarCleano robot was born from a simple ambition: Speed up the cleaning process of solar panels while making the actual cleaning job safer and less strenuous for the worker. Thanks to the two helicoidal brushes, the robot cleans in one passage without leaving traces, shortening the cleaning time. The various brush sizes and hardness grades, can be combined and tailored to the soiling level of the solar panels: Dry-clean brushes for dusty or sandy panels, hard brushes for encrusted dirt.

The high grip pads of the cleaning robot are a warranty for usage on all types of installations whether dusty, dirty or wet. The pads have already been widely used on various PV installations: on the ground, in solar fields, on roofs and on floating panels.

With an optional camera it is no longer necessary to have visual sight of the robot as it can be piloted from the ground. The screen fitted on the remote control shows the perspective from the robot. The camera can also perform thermal analysis of the panels. A battery operation gives way to work without cables.

The SolarCleano can be disassembled into several lightweight parts for easy transportation. Everything else is done through remote control, whether it is speed, driving directions or rotation of the brushes.



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