Anesco Powers Into Domestic Solar And Storage Market

Anesco has set its sights on the domestic solar and storage market with the launch of a new venture aimed at helping homeowners achieve low carbon living.

Anesco at Home utilizes the company’s extensive experience in the areas of renewables and energy management to provide homeowners with a model for generating, storing and managing their own power.

Described as the ‘complete home energy system’, it combines the latest in cutting edge solar, storage, heat pumps and EV charging technology, with an energy tariff auto-switching service and operations and maintenance care plan.

Steve Shine, Anesco executive chairman, said: “Anesco’s success has been driven by our commitment to innovation and this year marks the launch of another exciting new development for the business. We are expanding into the domestic market to meet the growing appetite among consumers for smart energy management and renewable technologies that will support energy self-sufficiency and improve the carbon footprint.”

Anesco at Home is designed to help households save money on energy bills while maximizing the benefit of renewable technologies and return on investment.

In a recent trial, a household with all the technologies installed saw a 40% reduction in energy bills, with the [U.K.] RHI [renewable heat incentive] payments offsetting the remaining costs, meaning they were cost neutral. The house also reduced carbon emissions by around 60%.

Shine added: “Using solar panels to generate clean electricity and maximizing its benefit through the use of a home battery, supplemented further by making a switch to renewable heat, is a route to low carbon living. It’s no surprise that we are already seeing interest among those with existing solar panels and electric vehicles, as our system helps close the loop, maximizing the benefits and returns.”

Anesco currently handles domestic installations on behalf of customers such as local authorities and housing associations, as well as through its ECO delivery. Anesco at Home marks the first time the company has directly targeted homeowners.

Established in Reading in 2010, Anesco is the UK market leader for energy storage with an operational battery storage portfolio set to exceed 380 MW by next year. The company has developed 102 solar farms and its renewables operation and maintenance arm has nearly 1 GW of clean energy under management, including domestic solar installations.



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