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Korver Corp. To Build Next-Generation Perovskite Silicon Tandem Solar Cell Technology

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Korver Corp. is pleased to provide this update regarding the Company's new strategic direction in the solar energy sector. 

Led by an experienced solar power and electric vehicle technology developer, KOVR is now charged with executing its mission to develop high-efficiency commercially manufactured Perovskite Silicon Tandem solar cells. This revolutionary technology has set the stage for long-term growth in the solar industry and will deliver low cost high-efficiency photovoltaic technologies that could finally rival energy generation from fossil fuels.

Perovskite Silicon Tandem solar cells are significantly more efficient than typical silicon-based solar cells with efficiency up to around 30% (compared to 21-22% for silicon only). PST solar cells accomplish this by utilizing an innovative dual layer structure (perovskite top - silicon bottom) to generate electricity from both the short wavelengths and from long wavelengths. Typical silicon solar cells only utilize long wavelengths.

Mark Brown, President and CEO of Korver Corp., stated, "Our prior research has resulted in the development of highly efficient Perovskite Silicon Tandem solar cells. We plan to reach an efficiency mark of over 30% on a commercial scale by combining perovskite solar with the best silicon technologies on the market today and our own proprietary innovations. Currently, we are working towards scalability and commercial manufacturing of our PST solar cells that could change the way the world produces and consumes energy on a grand scale. We are excited to take the first mover advantage with the next big thing in solar energy."

The Company anticipates releasing additional information regarding its Perovskite Silicon Tandem solar technologies development and growth strategy over the next several weeks.




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