1500V The Main Energy Trend of the Latin America Utility-scale

Recently, the 100MW Viborillas solar project managed by JinkoPower has achieved the milestone of successful grid connection to the grid in Mexico. The project uses Huawei’s cutting-edge 1500V smart PV solution.

The project is located in the state of Jalisco, Mexico. With more than 70% of the territory’s annual solar radiation exceeding 2000 kWh/m2, the country has unique natural conditions for photovoltaic power generation. The annual average power generation of the project is estimated to be 246 million kWh, which builds the benchmark on the value of electricity to the gird with advanced technology.

Nowadays, 1500V PV system is widely used in many regions and countries, like America, South America, Middle East, India and many European countries like Spain and France. Huawei’s 1500V smart PV solution is helping Mexico’s developers to significantly lower LCOE by around 10%, facilitating the delivery of more ground-breaking solar projects that are able to compete in a post-subsidy era with all forms of energy generation. To provide a one-stop PV system solution, Huawei integrates inverters and transformers, which provides benefits in the construction period and reduces the overall cost.



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