Solsaic Offers U.S Households A Free Online Tool For Assessing Benefits Of Solar Energy

Adoption of solar energy among U.S. households is skyrocketing. What used to be a power source embraced by California and nine other states is now becoming a nationwide norm due to drops in cost and storage systems becoming increasingly available.

Yet how do homeowners who are operating in personally unchartered waters, know whether solar energy is the right choice for them or who the best solar energy provider is?

That's where Gene Gu and his online start-up, Solsaic, have found a niche. The company helps U.S. households to first, know if solar energy is viable for them. It offers a free customized solar analysis and report that shows the consumer's long-term energy and cost savings, the environmental impact of going solar, along with solar financing options and ability to connect to pre-screened solar providers near them.

"I have long been committed to doing my part to address global warming and I think there are a lot of others out there just like me. I knew that many people may not choose renewable energy sources available to them, simply because they did not know how," said Gu, who was a solar consultant for major solar companies and was involved in Canada's solar association before founding Solsaic. "The market needed a simpler means for consumers to find out what value and benefits solar could offer them and then identify solar companies that could provide the best service and at the most affordable price. Solsaic does that."

It works like this:

> Consumers complete an online assessment that asks questions related to roof type, electricity use, as well as their preferred style of solar panels.

> A personalized analysis report is generated based on weather data gathered from all U.S. states along with solar panel performance data, as well as the data from the consumer.

> Users can connect with Solsaic's network of solar providers for free estimates, all of whom are screened based on customer service, quality of work and value. Gu says that because of the level of detail that consumers are able to give to the provider from the assessment, they receive cost competitive quotes.

"With Solsaic, people on their own can easily discover upfront clear and factual information about the value and benefit that solar provides to their property. As a result, they can make a decision that they feel good about afterwards," stressed Gu.



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