MJP International Plans For 5000 Kilowatt Power Plant In US

MJP International ("the Company")announced that it has engaged Alpha Energy LLC to develop a plan for a 5000 kilowatt solar-powered energy generation plant to be located in the US with an estimated cost of approximately $20,000,000.

Alpha Energy will, among other things, advise the company about a suitable site for the plant, which will have to be around 25 acres that is located in proximity to high voltage power lines for more economical access to feeding the grid. The study will also encompass environmental impacts (such as potential wildlife and endangered species), permitting and zoning as well as energy assessments.

"We are very pleased to have begun laying the groundwork for this significant project and are considering sites in California, Arizona and Nevada at the moment. A 5 megawatt power plant is a serious project that, if successful, would cement the company as an important participant in the American solar industry," mentioned the CEO of MJP International.

"The scientific community is in agreement that solar and wind energy will play a major and critical role in sustaining our country's future energy needs."

The company plans to finance the cost of the build-up from private equity, and will benefit from the project by being the exclusive provider of solar panels and related equipment. It will also seek a contractual maintenance agreement for a period of 10 years.

About Alpha Energy

Alpha Energy is a specialist in wind and solar energy. They have worked on numerous projects across the United States and Africa which include a $200 million, 97 megawatt wind facility in Morocco and a 10 megawatt solar power plant in Maryland.  They get involved with the entire lifecycle of a project from the initial feasibility study, to the final negotiations for the sale of the generated energy.

About MJP International

MJP International is a company that specializes in green energy products and services, including rapidly advancing green technologies such as solar and wind installations. The company is built on the fundamental belief that green technology is the way to a clean, profitable and energy-rich future. MJP International continually pushes the envelope to find ways for clients to use green technologies in a cost-efficient and user friendly way, firmly believing that renewable and clean energy sources will continue to come to the forefront as viable and economical alternatives to fossil fuel. 



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