What if your solar module could tell you 'replace me'? Simplifying O&M with AEG solar modules and IMM Technology

AEG solar modules utilizing Individual Module Monitoring (IMM) technology allow you to track their own performance increasing system yield and reducing your O&M costs at a highly competitive price with respect to currently available smart modules.



AEG Solar panels now have extremely cost effective technology that allows each individual solar module to tell you if it is performing fine, or if it is losing voltage because of technical issues (a failing bypass diode, PID, hotspots etc).


Now you can zoom out, and see at a glance all of your solar power plant. You can instantly tell not only what it is producing, but also if there are any issues. You know exactly where any problem panels are located – and even more importantly decide whether it is worth sending an O&M team to replace the problem panel or you can choose to simply wait because it is not economically viable to send the team at that time. If you are an O&M operator, you can have the information at your fingertips to go out in the field knowing exactly which modules need to be replaced , instead of wasting expensive man hours in a long and time-consuming search.


AEG solar module portfolio now offers a series of cost effective smart modules featuring the Individual Module Monitoring (IMM) technology. This technology brings a radical change in the O&M paradigm and will, put simply, increase the cash generation of any system. Thanks to a chip integrated in the junction box, monitoring temperature and voltage at module level, the photovoltaic panels themselves are able to collect and transmit in real-time vital module performance data. This information is then then transmitted to an “artificial brain” (the Web Portal) which is capable of analyzing and diagnosing - by means of advanced Scientific Engines - the huge amount of information coming from the modules. The artificial brain them makes clear and simple decision on what action to take to deliver more cash from your PV system.


For further technical insight of the IMM´s functioning please visit our website ( , and find out more about AEG Solar modules with IMM at booth A3 360 (Bayern Innovativ).



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