SunPower Announces 400W Solar Panel Availability In Australia

The first 400 watt solar panel for the Australian residential market is now available from SunPower – the Maxeon 3.

Featuring SunPower’s Maxeon cells, the SPR-MAX3-400 has a conversion efficiency of 22.6%, which is assumed to be under standard test conditions. This is significantly higher than good quality entry-level panels, which generally range between 15-17%.

The Maxeon 3 has temperature coefficient of −0.29% /°C, which means its output will drop by around 0.29% for every degree the panel gets above 25ºC

The 400W solar panel’s dimensions are 1046mm x 1690mm x 40mm and it weighs in at 19kg. The SPR-MAX3-400 could be particularly attractive to those with limited roof space as while the panels are large, watt for watt a Maxeon 3 based system would take up significantly less rooftop real estate compared to systems using one of many other popular panel brands.

One of the features of SunPower’s Maxeon cells is the use of back-contact conductivity – eliminating what the company calls “unsightly” gridlines. While aesthetics may not be a burning issue for many solar buyers, this back-contact arrangement also enables more energy harvesting.

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