Hanergy’s Innovative Thin-Film Solar Products Win Multiple If Design Awards

The world’s largest thin-film solar power solution company, Hanergy Mobile Energy Holding Group, attended Germany’s iF Design Award Night held in BMW Welt in Munich on March 15th, with 4 of its cutting-edge products winning prestigious 2019 iF Design Awards, also known as the “Oscar Awards in designing”.

Hanergy’s 4 prize winners include one Gold Award: Single-Glass Triple-Arch HanTile, and another three Design Awards: Single-Glass Spool HanTile, Fold Backpack for Business Travel, and Solartank Thin-film Solar Power Backpack. HanTile is Hanergy’s rooftop solar solution while the solar backpack is Hanergy’s creation of integrating solar power generation with backpacks.

Xie Tao, CEO of Hanergy’s Global Application Product R&D Center attended the award ceremony and received the awards on behalf of Hanergy.

The iF Design Award committee comments the gold-winning triple-arch HanTile as, “This product combines a traditional appearance with the latest energy breakthrough. These tiles represent the world's most advanced thin-film solar energy technology. Any house or building covered in these roof tiles has the chance to be energy-self-sufficient or at least offset its energy footprint. The tiles have the look of glazed tiles and come in black or dark-green colors. This is the future of solar energy: integrated, efficient, attractive and unobtrusive.”

Since launched in 2018, Hanergy has harvested many HanTile contracts, like a US$130 Million HanTile contract in Japan, a US$10 million contract in Malaysia, and US$8 million contract in South Korea and so on.   

Solar backpack is another line of business for Hanergy. By merging Hanergy’s unique solar thin-films with traditional backpacks, it creates a new category of smart bags.

The iF Award committee comments Hanergy’s Solartank, “this is much more than a backpack. It's an energy collector that instantly responds to your need to recharge electronic devices using solar power technology. Edgy and masculine, the backpack is designed to support a technological, fashionable, creative mobile lifestyle. Available in either solar or conventional recharge options, this product waves goodbye to the traditional power bank. It is made of EVA, a high-strength, impact-resistant, water-proof and wear-resistant material. The specially designed shoulder strap USB means you don't have to worry about tangled charging cables. The LED ultra-low power cold light panel ensures safe and visible cycling at night.”

Receiving the awards at the ceremony, Xie Tao said: “We believe that these products make a perfect combination of advanced thin-film solar technology and sustainable product application, and the awards are an acknowledgement that Hanergy’s product design deserves to be at the forefront of the industry. We are honored.”

iF Design Award is one of the world’s most celebrated and valued design competitions, recognized as a symbol for design excellence all around the globe. Since being founded in 1953, iF Design Award has rewarded innovative products deemed to have a significant influence on their respective industries.

Each year, after an extensive selection process, 67 design experts choose the most outstanding designs from a pool of over 5,000 submissions from 70 countries. Previous winners include trailblazing products such as Apple’s iPad Pro, Philips’ 2-in-1 Purifier and Humidifier and AKG Y100 Wireless Ear Buds, but to name a few.

Hanergy’s four award-winning products are all recent innovations launched in 2018 and designed in-house by Hanergy’s product research & development team. By winning the highly-sought after iF Gold Award, Hanergy’s Single-Glass Triple-Arch HanTile’s innovative single-glass structure, light & durable design and beautiful appearance was recognized as one of this year’s most outstanding entries.

With its thin, light-weight and flexible features and high conversion efficiency, Hanergy’s five thin-film solar technology roadmaps have changed the landscape of the solar industry. The conversion rate of Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) technology manufactured by Alta Devices, Hanergy’s California-based subsidiary, has set the world record for conversion efficiency several times, with the current rate standing at 29.1%. Likewise, Hanergy’s flexible and glass-based large-area Copper Indium Gallium Selenide (CIGS) thin film modules produced by Germany’s Solibro and USA’s MiaSolé, also Hanergy’s subsidiaries, have reached world record highs of 18.72% and 19.4% respectively.

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