Hanergy Bags First Large Scale Rooftop Solar Power Project in Vietnam

The clean energy giant signs construction cooperation agreement for Haier’s AQUA 1 MW project

Hanergy and Landmark Parasolar to develop more commercial rooftop solar power projects in Vietnam with a total estimated capacity of 300 MW in a span of 3 years

The world's leading thin-film power solution company Hanergy today announced that it has signed a construction cooperation agreement with Landmark Parasolar to build its first large scale rooftop solar power project in Haier’s Vietnam AQUA manufacturing zone in Biên Hoà city of Dong Nai Province in Vietnam.

Under the aegis of the agreement, Hanergy will build the company’s first large scale rooftop solar power project in Vietnam. As part of the project that’s planned to have the total capacity of 1 MW, Hanergy will provide SHJ (silicon heterojunction) modules with capacity of 193 KW. Funded by Landmark Parasolar, the total investment of the project is expected to be over 600,000 USD.

In the signing ceremony, Mr. Li Hui, CEO of Hanergy Vietnam Company said, “Not only does our co-operation with Landmark Parasolar conforms to Vietnam government’s promotion for green energy, but will also be instrumental in reaching out to diverse businesses in Vietnam. Since AQUA is a renowned brand in Vietnam and even in South East Asia, our cooperation with Landmark Parasolar for AQUA manufacturing zone sets a benchmark for the industry in this market. Solar system in the rooftop of the factory is bound to save electricity cost for AQUA and reduce the dependence on traditional energy.”

Envisioned to be a twenty years long cooperation, the project will follow Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) model, where Landmark Parasolar is the investor and owner of the rooftop solar system, AQUA is the landlord of the factory warehouse whose roof the solar system is built on and user of the system, and Hanergy will be responsible for the construction and maintenance of the SHJ solar system.

The project is aimed at providing electricity for AQUA’s manufacturing lines of the factory and for the office use. Construction of the project will start in September, and it’s expected to generate 1.42 million KWh of power in the first year of its operation alone.

Established in 2006, AQUA was acquired in 2015 by Haier, one of the biggest home appliances manufacturers in China. AUQA itself is today among the top home appliances brands in Vietnam and even in South East Asia. On the other hand, Landmark Parasolar has over 10 years’ experience in investment in energy and real estate, both locally and internationally, and is striving to become the leading multidisciplinary company in Vietnam.

Hanergy Vietnam and Landmark Parasolar plan to develop more commercial rooftop solar power projects in Vietnam within the following 3 years, with a total capacity estimated to be 300 MW.

“Hanergy is the world’s leading thin-film solar power company. Its products have the advantages of being lightweight, thin and flexible, giving solar power more possibilities to be applied on varied surfaces and in more diversified areas. We think Hanergy has a promising future, and wish to work with Hanergy on more projects,” said Mr. Park, CEO of Landmark Parasolar.

Hanergy is the world’s leading clean energy company, providing cutting-edge thin-film solar technologies, among which, SHJ technology has set the global standard owing to significant progress in its conversion efficiency rate. Recently, Hanergy set a new world record for 6-inch SHJ battery’s conversion rate at 24.85%, achieving an absolute increase of 1% per year in the past two years. The technology is primarily used in ground power stations, distributed power stations, vertical installation, fishery or agricultural complementary photovoltaic power stations, building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) and mobile energy projects. The project with AQUA and Landmark Parasolar is the first application of this advanced technology in Vietnam.





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