Kehua Completes Grid Connection of 200MW Utility-Scale PV Project in India

Kehua, a leading power solution provider from China, announced that a 200MW utility-scale PV project with 3.125MW center inverter turnkey solution is connected to the grid this month.

It is reported that the successful grid connection of the 200MW PV power station in India can deliver more than 430 million kWh solar power to the local area every year, effectively alleviating local electricity shortage and pollution problems.


Rajasthan, a state in northwest India, which is one of the nation’s hottest, driest area, is generally sandy and dry. This region receives less than 400mm rain in an average year. Temperature sometimes exceeds 54 °C in summer and drops below freezing in winter. The extreme environment demands the strictest quality standards for PV system.

To optimize efficiency and profitability of the power station, the 1500V SPI3125-TH centralized inverter turnkey solution employed in this project adopts new three-level topology technology, dual-MPPT and dual-module redundancy design, with efficiency higher than 99%. This guarantees power generation of the PV power station, especially in the hot and humid climates of India. Moreover, the system is equipped with efficient inverter heat conduction modules, and cooling fans with patent redundant design, which ensures that the inverters meet the extremely high online rate requirements under the local environment of high temperature and strong sandstorm.

Besides the equipment performance, Kehua’s strong strengths in supply chain and after-sale service reinforce customer trust and recognition. On the one hand, the company effectively reduced lifting time as well as lifting and handling costs by optimizing combined cabinet lifting plan. On the other hand, the professional team kept on site providing full communication and technical support for the grid connection of the project.


Kehua Tech is dedicated to deliver landmark projects in India. “As our key PV market, India shows a huge development potential. We are looking forward to cooperate with our customers to bring advanced PV technology and products to India, and deliver more reliable and greener power” Said Mr. CHEN Chenghui, Chairman of Kehua Tech.




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