REI 2019|TBEA offering Packaged Solution | 1500V Inverter | Smart Microgrid | TB-eCloud

TBEA Xian Electric Technology Co. Ltd, participated in REI Expo 2019 as an exhibitor showcasing its 1500V Central & String Inverter Solutions, Smart Microgrid/Storage Solution, Power Quality Management Solution (SVG) and intelligent Operations & Maintenance TB-eCloud Platform.

While major focus of the exhibition was towards the new launched Optimal LCOE Solution 1500V 208kW Multi MPPT String Inverter.

TBEA exhibition booth witnessed a high traffic of people interested in various solutions offered and various techno-commercial sessions were delivered by both Indo-Chinese team of TBEA. Sessions were blended with various topics covering Technical parameters of Inverter, Microgrid/Storage and TB-eCloud Solutions offered by company. Also, figuring out commercial benefits of each solution along with merits of TBEA solutions over others.


TBEA focus over India Market

TBEA organized a gala dinner party on 18th September i.e Day 1 of REI, which happened to be a highly successful program with almost all major Big & Medium Solar Giants attended the party. Mr. Zhang Jianxin (Chairman of Xinte Energy Co. Ltd., & general manager of TBEA Xinjiang New Energy Co., Ltd) during his speech discussed about the cooperation of China & India towards the Renewable sector globally; both China & India being world’s biggest solar markets. Mr. Zhang continued sharing his future plans of upcoming TBEA factory in Bangalore India, which will help TBEA serve Indian market even better and wish a regular technology exchange between both countries.

1500V TS208KTL-HV Multi MPPT String Inverter Solutions Exhibited during REI

TBEA showcased its 1500V Inverter Solutions having displayed 1500V 3.75MW Central Inverter and newly launched 1500V Optimal LCOE Solution TS208`KTL-HV. This 1500V 208kW Multi MPPT String Inverter has the highest 1.7times capacity ratio and capable to fit in 5MVA, 6.25MVA, 7.5MVA & 10MVA PV Array Block sizes. Having maximum power up-to 235kW. TS208KTL-HV along with bigger block size and intelligent operation and maintenance TB-eCloud is capable to achieve a comprehensive income increase of more than 7%.




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