JinkoSolar Discusses Development of Renewable Energy with Business Leaders at 2016 Summer Davos

JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd. ("JinkoSolar"), a global leader in the photovoltaic (PV) industry, participated in the World Economic Forum on June 26 as the only solar PV manufacturer.


A representative from the company was one of only three speakers invited to deliver a speech about "Innovative Green Finance to Support the Sustainable Development of Renewable Energy".

From June 26-28, the 2016 Summer Davos was held in Tianjin, China, with the theme "The Fourth Industrial Revolution and Its Transformational Impact". Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang, together with 90 government representatives and over 1,700 guests were invited to Tianjin to discuss "Redesigning Systems, Rethinking Innovation and Reshaping Growth".

China and other developing countries urgently need to transition toward a green and sustainable growth model which calls for the establishment of a systematic finance mechanism that channels private capital investments to the green industries. 

There are several efforts to achieve this, among which the most critical is to increase the return on investment of green projects by lowering financing costs and enhancing the availability of funds (through such means as discounted interest rates, green bonds, green loans, green credit and asset backed securitization, green insurance, green IPO, green ratings, and carbon trading).

From a perspective of a renewable energy provider, JinkoSolar would like to take this opportunity to propose recommendations in four areas, according to the problems and challenges we faced in the real world.

1.Green bonds

2.Green loans and credit

3.Green IPOs

4.Green securities market instrument

5.Innovative financing tools

6.Carbon markets

7.A green investor network

8.An information sharing mechanism

9.Enhanced legislation and law enforcement to guarantee subsidiary/incentive policy implementation to minimize regulatory risks.





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