BSES Launches 15MW Rooftop Solar Scheme In New Delhi

Delhi Power Minister Inaugurates Next Phase of BSES Solar City Initiative

  • Delhi Power Minister Inaugurates Next Phase of BSES Solar City Initiative– ‘Solarise Shakur Basti’ Launched after extra ordinary success of Phase one in Dwarka. 
  • Shakur Basti area is home to important colonies like Paschim Vihar & many apartment complexes. Area has a solar roof top potential of around 15 MWp
  • BSES is targeting around 5 MWp roof top solar by 2019-2020 in Shakur Basti area.
  • Around 100 CGHS/ apartment complexes have signed-up in Phase one (Solarise Dwarka)•BSES has energised over 1000 (~ 45 MWp) roof top solar net metering connections

After the extraordinary success of BSES Rajdhani Power Limited’ (BRPL) Solar City Initiative –‘Solarise Dwarka’, which has seen around 100 societies / apartment complex in Dwarka showing interest and signing-up for the initiative, the discom has now launched next Phase ( phase two) of the program.


The phase two-of BRPL’ Solar City Initiative – ‘Solarise Shakur Basti’ was launched by Delhi’s Hon’blePower Minister Mr Satyendar Jain, today. Other important dignitaries present on the occasion,included senior officials from Delhi Government, EE&REM (Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Management Centre), TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute), Deutsche Gesellschaft fürInternationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, along with West Delhi residents. BRPL team was led byits CEO Mr Amal Sinha.


Commenting on the launch of phase-two, BRPL CEO Mr Amal Sinha said, “Solar energy is emerging asCommenting on the launch of phase-two, BRPL CEO Mr Amal Sinha said, “Solar energy is emerging asan important tool in our quest for sustainable growth. In a bid to realise its full potential, BSES isleading the efforts for its wide-spread and accelerated adoption in the national capital. Our Solar Cityinitiative is promising to be a game-changer. Besides promoting adoption of solar, the initiative is awin-win proposition for both the consumers and the discom alike. The huge response to Phase one andthe launch of phase-two of the initiative is a testament to this.”


“The program also aims to educate consumers about the benefits of solar energy while ensuring strictquality compliance of the systems being installed. It is also facilitating various finance options availableto the consumers”- added Mr Sinha.


Phase two: Solarise Shakur Basti


Apart from JJ Clusters, the Shakur Basti area is home to several colonies like Paschim Vihar andapartment complexes like IFCI, Saakshara, Matriyi, Navbharat, Pragati, Priyadarshani, DDA Flats andhas a substantial roof-top solar potential of around 15 MWp. BRPL is targeting to realise around 5MWp of roof-top net metering from the area by FY 2019-2020.


Phase one: Solarise Dwarka Phase one: Solarise DwarkaThe extra ordinary response of the Phase one of the Solar City Initiative – ‘Solarise Dwarka’ is thetrigger for phase two. Under Phase one, around 100 societies have shown interest and signed-up forthe initiative for installing solar capacities of ~ 6 MWp. Of these, around 25 societies having installedsolar capacity of ~1.5 MWp – have already been energised / or are about to be energised. The work atthe remaining societies is at different stages.


Benefits (Consumers): Roof-top solar is helping consumers, not only to reduce their electricity bills, but also do-their bit forthe environment. Moreover, consumers opting for the RESCO business model don’t have to incur anycapital expenditure, as the model entails providing electricity as a service at a cost identified throughcompetitive bidding, which in the case of Dwarka residents was Rs. 2.66/kWh net of generation basedincentive and is around Rs.2.50/kWh less than the electricity tariff. The bidding in the above case wasadministered by SECI (Solar Energy Corporation of India) and Indraprastha Power Generation CompanyLimited.


Benefits (Discom):Besides helping BRPL in meeting its renewable purchase obligation (RPO), the pioneering initiative willhelp the discom minimise overloading issues in congested areas during the peak summer months. Itwill also help us in achieving CAPEX deferment for line replacement and unplanned grid up-gradationintermittently.


BSES is at the forefront of leading the solar revolution in the city and sees unique benefits of addingBSES is at the forefront of leading the solar revolution in the city and sees unique benefits of addingdistributed generation in its network. In a short span, BSES has energised a record of over 1000 rooftopsolar connections – with a sanctioned solar capacity of around 45,000 KWp (~ 45 MWp).



Moreover, thisblazing pace is likely to continue in BSES’ area and by the end-of-year, the total number is roof topsolar net metering connections is likely to cross 2,000 with a sanctioned solar load of around 80 MWp.


BRPL’ Solar City Initiative is India’s 1st utility anchored solar rooftop consumer aggregation program for residential consumers. Solar City Initiative is a path breaking initiative that aims to maximize the utilisation of solar roof toppotential. Unlike conventional methods, under this program, roof top solar installations are provided at a single point for the entire apartment complex. BRPL & BYPL are premier distribution companies and Joint Ventures between Reliance Infrastructure Limited and GoNCT.



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